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40 Salesforce Associate Certification Practice Question and Answers Set 3

Are you looking for Salesforce Associate Certification practice questions to revise your concepts before exam?

This is set-3 of our Salesforce Associate Certification practice questions series.

Let’s dive into the Salesforce Associate Certification practice question and answers set-3:

Salesforce Ecosystem

Question 1. Salesforce is developed on the top of which platform?

Answer: is a type of Platform as a Service (PaaS) that aims to streamline the process of creating and launching cloud-based websites and applications.

Question 2. Completing which Trailhead modules can stand you a chance to win Salesforce merchandise?

Answer: Trailhead Quest

salesforce associate certification question Trailhead Quest

Question 3. Where can a user update their email address in Salesforce?

Answer: User settings ➡ My Personal information

Question 4. What is a marketplace where customers can browse and download third-party apps and integrate them with the Salesforce platform called?

Answer: Salesforce AppExchange

Question 5. A user responsible for managing and maintaining the Salesforce platform, including user management, security, data management, and customization is known as?

Answer: Salesforce Administrator

Question 6. What is a suite of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies that can be integrated into the Salesforce platform to help businesses make data-driven?

Answer: Salesforce Einstein

Question 7. User with 100 or more trailhead badges is addressed as?

Answer: Trailhead Ranger

To know different Trailblazer ranks, click here

Question 8. Tool that allows developers to write, debug, and test code directly within the Salesforce platform is known as?

Answer: Developer Console

Question 9. Which Salesforce cloud allows businesses to create customized online communities for their customers, partners, and employees?

Answer: Salesforce Experience Cloud formerly known as Salesforce Community Cloud.

Question 10. Which tool built into the Salesforce platform allows users to share information, files, and ideas with each other in real-time?

Answer: Salesforce Chatter


Question 11. Where can a user update their email address in Salesforce?

Answer: User settings ➡ My Personal information

Question 12. A user wants to refer latest documentation about a Salesforce functionality. Where should he navigate?

Answer: Salesforce help

To know more about Salesforce help click here

Question 13. Associate wants to show different fields to the Support rep based on the product criteria while creating a case.

How can this be achieved?

Answer: By creating different record types for each product criteria.

Object Manager ➡ Select any Object ➡ Record Types

Question 14. User needs to develop a proof of concept for a client requirement. Where should he start developing it?

Answer: Sandbox org

Question 15. Where should the user navigate to check all the installed applications in their Salesforce org?

Answer: App Launcher

Question 16. Where can you find related Account records in Salesforce?

Answer: On the Account’s page and in the hierarchy

Question 17. What number of records can be imported via import wizard?

Answer: 50,000

Question 18. How can we delete standard fields in Salesforce?

Answer: No, we cannot delete standard fields in Salesforce.

If the standard fields are no more required, you can remove them from the page layout.

Question 19. How to unable Kanban View in Salesforce?

Answer: Click on any object tab ➡ Select all the records ➡ Click on “Display as” ➡ Kanban

salesforce associate certification practice Kanban View

Question 20. How can a user know about the deleted fields in Salesforce?

Answer: Object Manager ➡ Select an Object  ➡ Fields & Relationships ➡ deleted Fields

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Data Model

Question 21. What is the recommended method for granting a user the additional permission to edit Quotes if they currently do not have access?

Answer: Permission sets

A permission set is a collection of settings and permissions that has been assigned to the user to extend its access in the Salesforce org.

Question 22. How can we create many-to-many relationship in Salesforce?

Answer: Using Junction objects

Question 23. Using which Salesforce feature associate can determines how fields and related lists are displayed on a record detail page?

Answer: Page Layouts

Question 24. How can one associate share a report and dashboard of quarterly profits with another associate?

Answer: Using share folder

Question 25. How many maximum custom relationship fields can be created on a single object?

Answer: 40

Question 26. Can we create a Salesforce user without assigning a profile?

Answer: No

We can create a user without assigning a role but we need to assign a profile.

Question 27. How many master-detail relationships are allowed per object in Salesforce?

Answer: 2

Question 28. Which Salesforce feature allows user to relate a record to itself?

Answer: Self-relationship

Question 29. Associate at Salesforcegeek Inc. needs to represent a data model to stakeholders in the company.

Which tool should she utilize?

Answer: Schema Builder

Schema Builder in Salesforce is a graphical tool that allows user to design and modify the data model of their Salesforce org.

To know more about Schema Builder click here

Question 30. At Salesforcegeek Inc. user needs to keep a track of customer inquires, customer feedback and suggestions.

Reports and Dashboards

Question 31. Using which feature we can schedule the report to run at a specific time?

Answer: Report schedule feature

Question 32. How can the Sales rep classify the Sales data of a specific region to represent in the report?

Answer: Using Report group

Question 33. How can you restrict Salesforce reports to certain user or group of users?

Answer: By setting Sharing rules or Permission sets.

Question 34. What is the maximum number of reports and dashboards that one can subscribe to?

Answer: 7

Question 35. Cross filters feature of reports is not supported by which Salesforce report type?

Answer: Joined report type

Question 36. Which user cannot subscribe to Salesforce reports?

Answer: Portal Users

Question 37.  Using which Salesforce feature users can save a copy of a dashboard at a specific point in time for future reference?

Answer: Dashboard snapshot

Question 38. Which report type should the Sales rep use to display the data as a series of stages for representing Sales pipeline?

Answer: Funnel chart

Question 39. Which report type cannot be used to create groups of data in Salesforce?

Answer: Tabular reports

Question 40. Name the Salesforce report type where the data is arranged in grid format having rows and columns?

Answer: Matrix reports

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