Salesforce Associate Certificate Exam Questions - SET 2

40 Salesforce Associate Certification Question and Answers Practice Set-2

Are you looking for Salesforce Associate Certification exam practice questions?

This is set-2 of our Salesforce Associate Certification exam practice question series.

Salesforce Associate Certification questions are designed to cover the exam’s critical topics, including Salesforce basics, data modeling, security, reports, and dashboards.

Let’s dive into the Salesforce Associate Certification practice questions:

Salesforce Ecosystem

Question 1. In which type of Salesforce org you should develop and evaluate new features?

Answer: Sandbox

A Sandbox is a duplicate of a production Org, offering you the ability to design, personalize, and examine your features and functions without affecting your actual data and processes.

Question 2. Where can you submit, discuss, and vote on ideas related to Salesforce products and services?

Answer: IdeaExchange

Salesforce IdeaExchange is a website where people who use Salesforce can share their ideas about how to make it better. The best ideas are reviewed by the Salesforce team and might be used in future updates of the software.

Question 3. Which job role in Salesforce collaborates with stakeholders to outline needs, personalize the platform, and facilitate users to optimize the use of Salesforce?

Answer: Salesforce consultant

Question 4. Salesforcegeek Inc. wants the ability to send customized messages to its customers and track messages to track the open rate.

Which Salesforce Cloud should Salesforcegeek Inc. utilize?

Answer: Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Question 5. Which Salesforce product can provide advanced functionality for configuring, pricing, and quoting complex sets of products?

Answer: Salesforce CPQ

Question 6. Salesforcegeek Inc. wants to gain more insights into its customer’s data than what Salesforce dashboards can provide.

Which Salesforce product should they use?

Answer: CRM Analytics

Question 7. What is Salesforce?

Answer: Salesforce is a cloud-based CRM (Customer relationship management) tool providing a wide range of cloud applications like Marketing Cloud, Service Cloud, Sales Cloud and many more.

Question 8. Developing a Salesforce solution using coding is known as?

Answer: Imperative programming approach.

Question 9. Salesforce demonstrates there values by following which model?

Answer: 1-1-1 model

It means Salesforce will commit 1% of their employee’s time, 1% of their equity, and 1% of their products for nonprofit initiatives.

Question 10. What is the term used for a Salesforce expert who specializes in the user interface and user experience of Salesforce?

Answer: Salesforce User Experience Designer


Question 11. How can you free a Salesforce license if the user is no more required to have access to the Salesforce org?

Answer: By deactivating the user

Question 12. Where can a user go to learn about different Salesforce features and their implementation?

Answer: Salesforce help

Question 13. Which tool presents a visual interface representing the relation between different Salesforce objects?

Answer: Schema Builder

Set up ➡ Schema Builder

Schema Builder

Question 14. A Salesforce associate wants to evaluate a new feature before implementing it for its client.

Which Salesforce environment should he use?

Answer: Salesforce developer org.

Question 15. Using which Salesforce internal functionality user can move its implementations from one Salesforce org to another?

Answer: Change sets

Question 16. How can Salesforce licenses be made available to assign to new Salesforce users?

Answer: By deactivating the Salesforce users who are no more part of the organization.

Question 17. How can you keep track of setup changes made in your Salesforce org?

Answer: Using Setup Audit Trail.

Set up ➡ Type “Setup Audit Trail” in the quick find box ➡ Select “View Setup Audit Trail”

Question 18. Where should an associate navigate to check the field dependency of an object?

Answer: Object Manager

Question 19. Salesforce username is created in which format?

Answer: It is created in the form of an email address.


Question 20. If a user has forgotten their Salesforce password, what is the process to regain access to their Salesforce organization?

Answer: By clicking “Forgot Password” on the login page.

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Data Model

Question 21. When an Account record is deleted, which other related records also get deleted?

Answer: Related Contact and Opportunity records.

Question 22.On the opportunity object, which object relationship is standard as a Lookup field?

Answer: Account and opportunity have a look-up relationship

Question 23. Which type of custom field would allow users to choose multiple options from a list?

Answer: Multi-select picklist.

To know more about picklists in Salesforce click here

Question 24. What are the different Salesforce records that can be generated during Lead conversion?

Answer: Account and Contact records are created. Optionally Opportunity record can also be created.

Question 25. The user is supposed to create a custom field on the opportunity object to automatically populate a certain value on the opportunity record.

Which field data type should the user use?

Answer: Formula field.

To learn more about formula fields in Salesforce click here

Question 26. How can a user bundle permission set together?

Answer: Using Permission Set Groups.

Set up ➡ Users ➡ Permission Set Groups

Question 27. What are the different ways of granting access to records in Salesforce?

Answer: Organization-Wide Defaults (OWD), Role Hierarchy, Sharing Rules, and Manual Sharing.

Question 28. If you want to make a field mandatory on Contacts when the Department is “Health Care”. How can this be achieved?

Answer: Using Validation rules.

Question 29. If the user is encountering excessive search results while using the global search bar in Salesforce, what can be done to decrease the number of outcomes?

Answer: Add an Object search filter.

Salesforce Associate Certification questions Salesforce object filter

Question 30. Why might users who are accessing the same opportunity records have different fields visible to them?

Answer: The users are assigned different profiles and Page Layouts.

Reports and Dashboards

Question 31. where can a user initiate the creation of a new report for the Opportunity object?

Answer: Reports tab

Question 32. In which file formats can a Salesforce report be exported?

Answer: Comma-separated values OR Excel (.xls) file

Question 33. Which report type allows users to group rows of data, view subtotals, and create charts in Salesforce?

Answer: Summary Report

Question 34. What steps can you take to limit specific users from accessing a Salesforce dashboard?

Answer: Restrict access to the folder where the dashboard is located.

Question 35. How can you create a report that shows Accounts having both open Opportunities and open cases, displaying details arranged adjacent to each other?

Answer: Using Joined Report

A Joined Report in Salesforce is a combination of multiple reports with distinct types into a unified view that offers a comprehensive data analysis.

Question 36. Which schedule frequency is available when an associate subscribes to a Salesforce dashboard?

Answer: Daily, Weekly, and Monthly

Question 37. Which report type would be the most suitable for a sales representative to create a list of client contacts for a marketing campaign mail list?

Answer: Tabular Reports

Question 38. What types of charts are suitable for comparing values in Salesforce?

Answer: Bar Chart and Column Chart

Question 39. Which Salesforce dashboard component can be used to display progress against a fixed target?

Answer: Gauge Component

Question 40. which Salesforce report type doesn’t support bucket fields?

Answer: Joined Report type

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