About Us

So basically, I’m completed my B.Tech from Meerut Institute of Engineering and Technology aka @sfdcMIET in Salesforce Ecosystem. I hope the name is not required to introduce myself as you are reading this, so I’m sure you must see the header of this post, haha! Due to the pandemic COVID19 situation worldwide, my last semester Exams are pending the same as most of the 8th Sem students. I am currently working as Salesforce Developer Trainee atย Dazeworks. So, let’s move to 2018 and be a part of my journey.

When I was in my third year(5th Sem), I started my Salesforce journey as most people are confused with the term Sales. I, too, think that Salesforce is an MLM (Multi-level Marketing) kind of company, and they are making a chain of people to earn money lol, but later on, I found that Salesforce is the No 1 CRM across the globe. So let’s move to the very First Month, i.e., August 2018 of Trailhead.

I wouldn’t say I liked Trailhead because my learning strategy was terrible in starting phase of my journey. I only get exposure to the trailhead Quizzes and not even a single Handson in the very first month. So I quit doing Trailhead but not Salesforce 3 Months passed, and time for India Dreamin (1st December). Here I see a lot of Trailblazers who are Ranger on Trailhead, and they are doing good with Salesforce, and I get demotivated instead of gathering Inspiration from there. Still, there is a thing stuck in my Mind like here everyone loves Trailhead, talking about Trailhead, earning badges and all. So I came back home, opened my trailhead Account, and Contacted Aviral about it. He said to focus more on Handson, and He gave me his custom Trailmix of only Handson, which I’m still following.

I created another account and started doing badges again from scratch, but this time experience is different. I’m learning every single day and earn from 1 to 100 just in 5 months with 5 Superbadges. and after becoming Ranger, I realized that I’m a different person, Now the time started when I got little exposure in the community and was appointed as one of the Student group leaders of MIET.

I always wanted to start my youtube channel, but I’m not able to find content that I feel I can create with confidence. Still, now Salesforce is my friend, and content is a small word here. Salesforce has an ocean of content that I can produce over youtube, so In May 2019, I created a channel, akaย Salesforcegeek. Still, I didn’t post anything for three months. I have to learn more because Campus Placements are there, and trust me, I cracked all of my Interviews, especially the TCS one which has an Interesting story (If you know Hindi).

Well, I’m not stretching this story. I joined Dazeworks from all of the six companies. After that, I started learning salesforce Development and @akashdeepArora and @AmitSingh are my very own Big Bro’s and mentors, till both are my Gurus.

Story to be continued………………