Salesforce Associate Certification Practice Test-4

40 Salesforce Associate Certification Questions and Answers Set-4

Are you looking for Salesforce Associate Certification questions and answers to revise your concepts before exam?

This is set-4 of our Salesforce Associate Certification practice questions series.

Let’s dive into the Salesforce Associate Certification practice question and answers set-4:

Salesforce Ecosystem

Question 1. For Salesforce application customization, which programming language is used?

Answer: Apex

Question 2. What is the primary objective of Salesforce AppExchange?

Answer: To discover and install third-party apps

Question 3. What is the role of a Salesforce administrator in an Organization?

Answer: Manage and configure Salesforce

Question 4. What is the Salesforce feature that enables users to track and assess their advancement towards predetermined targets or objectives?

Answer: Dashboards

Question 5. What does the term “Salesforce App Builder” refer to?

Answer: A tool for creating custom Salesforce apps without coding

Question 6. What is the purpose of Salesforce Chatter?

Answer: Real-time collaboration and communication platform

Question 7. Which Salesforce product is designed for managing online communities and forums?

Answer: Community Cloud

Question 8. What is the role of Salesforce CPQ in the Salesforce ecosystem?

Answer: To streamline the quoting and pricing process

Question 9. Which Salesforce product is designed for sales forecasting and analytics?

Answer: Einstein Analytics

Question 10. What is the role of Salesforce Financial Services Cloud?

Answer: To provide personalized financial services and client management


Question 11.To switch between different applications in Salesforce, where should the user navigate?

Answer: App Launcher

Question 12. Where can you access the App Launcher in Salesforce?

Answer: Home tab

Question 13. How can you access the Setup menu in Salesforce?

Answer: Using “Gear” Icon

You can access the Set up menu using the gear icon on the top right corner of the Salesforce org

salesforce associate certification questions and answers Gear Icon

Question 14. Where can you access the Page layouts in Salesforce?

Answer: Object Manager ➡ Select any Object ➡ Page Layouts

Question 15. How can users navigate to the “Developer Console” in Salesforce?

Answer: By clicking on the Setup menu

Salesforce Administrator Exam Practice Set

Question 16. Which Salesforce functionality enables users to search for records across all objects?

Answer: Using Global Search

Question 17. Where can you find the recently viewed records in Salesforce?

Answer: Home tab

Question 18. What is the procedure for accessing your personal settings in Salesforce?

Answer: By clicking on your profile picture

Personal settings

Question 19. Can the Data Import Wizard be used to delete records in Salesforce?

Answer: No

The Data Import Wizard allows you to import, update, or upsert records, but it does not support record deletion.

Question 20. Where should users navigate to access the information about all the objects within their company’s Salesforce instance?

Answer: Object Manager

salesforce associate certification questions and answers Object Manager

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Data Model

Question 21. What is the fundamental building block of the Salesforce data model?

Answer: Object

Question 22. What is the maximum number of custom fields allowed on a standard Salesforce object?

Answer: 200

Question 23. What is the name of the Salesforce field type that enables calculations based on the values of other fields?

Answer: Formula field

Question 24. How many External ID fields can be designated per object in Salesforce?

Answer: 25

Question 25. Which Salesforce field type is used to store geographic coordinates, such as latitude and longitude?

Answer: Geolocation

Question 26. Which Salesforce field type performs calculations across multiple related objects?

Answer: Cross-object formula field

Question 27. Which Salesforce field is used to assign a unique number to a record automatically?

Answer: Auto-number field

Question 28. How many custom fields can be created on an object in the Unlimited Edition?

Answer: 800

In the Unlimited Edition, you have the ability to create 800 custom fields on an object. Additionally, you can install a managed package that provides 100 custom fields limited to specific objects.

Question 29. What is the maximum number of characters allowed in a text field in Salesforce?

Answer: 255 Characters

Question 30. Which type of Salesforce field type enables users to input alphanumeric combinations and securely store them in encrypted form?

Answer: Text (Encrypted)

Reports and Dashboards

Question 31. Which report format allows you to display data in a visual chart format?

Answer: Summary report

Question 32. Using which Salesforce feature you can control data visibility without having to create a separate dashboard?

Answer: Dynamic Dashboard

Question 33. What is the name of the dashboard component in Salesforce that displays a report chart as a visual indicator?

Answer: Gauge Component

Question 34. Which Report Format is not a valid format in Salesforce?

Answer: Chart

Question 35. Which field type can be added to a report to easily categorize records without the need for creating a formula or custom field?

Answer: Bucket

Bucketing enables you to easily classify report records without the need for creating a formula or custom field.

Question 36. Using which salesforce feature users can report on their company’s historical data?

Answer: Reporting snapshot

Question 37. Bucket fields and cross-filter features are not supported in which Report type?

Answer: Joined reports

Question 38. What is the maximum number of groupings allowed for summary, matrix, and join reports?

Answer: 3

Question 39. Which type of report can be used for dashboard components?

Answer: Summary reports and Matrix reports

Question 40. What is the maximum number of records that can be displayed per page for a report?

Answer: 2,000

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