Salesforce AI Associate Certification Questions and Answers Practice Set 2

Salesforce AI Associate Certification Questions and Answers Practice Set 2

Are you looking for Salesforce AI Associate Certification exam practice questions?

This is set 2 of our Salesforce AI Associate Certification exam practice question series.

Let’s dive into the Salesforce AI Associate Certification questions and answers set 2

Question 1. To get high-quality output from LLMs, what should you add to your prompts?

Answer: Concrete information and clear constraints

Question 2. How can you prevent LLMs from creating unintended or harmful content?

Answer: Adding specific directions

Question 3. What additional protection does the Trust Layer add to customer data?

Answer: Data masking

Question 4. What does “zero data retention” mean in the context of Salesforce and external API-based LLMs?

Answer: Not retaining any customer data outside of Salesforce

Question 5. What is the term for the process of determining the intention behind words in natural language processing?

Answer: Natural language understanding

Question 6. What does supervised learning aim to do?

Answer: Verify output with known, expected results

Question 7. What does NLU stand for in the context of communication between people and machines?

Answer: Natural Language Understanding

Question 8. How does deep learning draw conclusions from data?

Answer: By connecting the dots between data points

Question 9. What does Einstein Vision for Field Service automate?

Answer: Image classification for quicker issue resolution on-site

Question 10. What is the key advantage of using Einstein Bots in Salesforce?

Answer: They collect and qualify information using natural language understanding (NLU).

Question 11. What is the term for predictions from generative AI that diverge from expected responses based on facts?

Answer: Hallucinations

Question 12. What is the definition of generative AI?

Answer: Technology that creates new content based on a set of data

Question 13. What is the primary function of a generator in AI?

Answer: To create new content from a request or input

Question 14. What does NLP stand for in the field of artificial intelligence?

Answer: Natural Language Processing

Question 15. Which technique in NLP focuses on reducing words to their root while considering the part of speech?

Answer: Lemmatization

Question 16. What are the three key analysis techniques used in extracting valuable insights from text and speech data?

Answer: Sentiment analysis, intent analysis, and context analysis

Question 17. What is the technique used to discover how strongly two quantitative variables are related?

Answer: Correlation

Question 18. What is Einstein Next Best Action a part of within the Salesforce ecosystem?

Answer: Einstein Platform

Question 19. What is the primary purpose of Einstein Lead Scoring?

Answer: Analyzing lead conversion history

Question 20. What does Salesforce Einstein Discovery augment with in a no-code-required environment?

Answer: Business intelligence

Question 21. What are the guidelines for Trusted Generative AI related to?

Answer: AI bias mitigation

Question 22. What is the minimum number of rows needed to train a model for predictions and improvements?

Answer: 400

Question 23. Which activity is the key to successful data exploration?

Answer: Formulating good questions

Question 24. What does Einstein Opportunity Insights provide to sales reps?

Answer: Intelligent updates about opportunities

Question 25. What is the essence of Human-Centered Design (HCD) in Salesforce?

Answer: Resolving customer problems

Question 26. What is the primary purpose of data preparation in AI implementation?

Answer: Capturing underlying patterns

Question 27. How does underfitting affect statistical algorithms in modeling?

Answer: Inability to capture underlying patterns

Question 28. What does a data source contain for exploration and understanding?

Answer: Raw Data

Question 29. Which statement accurately describes a characteristic of continuous variables?

Answer: They have unbroken values

Question 30. What distinguishes Einstein’s Vision from Einstein’s Prediction?

Answer:Einstein Vision handles image recognition, while Einstein Prediction focuses on forecasting

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Question 31. What principles does Salesforce outline for ensuring the trustworthy development of Generative AI?

Answer: Accuracy, Safety, Honesty, Empowerment, Sustainability

Question 32. What is the primary objective of integrating AI with Salesforce for Sales and Marketing teams?

Answer: Improving decision-making and efficiency

Question 33. What advantage does producing multiple versions of an output provide for generative AI?

Answer: Assisting in choosing the best output version

Question 34. What’s a significant advantage of using AI for code generation?

Answer: Allowing developers to focus on innovative solutions while reducing time spent on repetitive tasks

Question 35. Which primary AI capabilities are predominantly offered by Salesforce?

Answer: Predictive, Generative and Analytic AI

Question 36. What poses challenges for humans in interpreting AI decisions?

Answer: The complexity of algorithms and reliance on large datasets

Question 37. What strategy can users employ to minimize biases while training an AI system?

Answer: Using diverse training data

Question 38.  If Salesforcegeek Inc. is utilizing Einstein for predictions and encounters inaccurate results, what could be a potential cause?

Answer: Poor data quality

Question 39. To enforce the requirement of having a phone number and pin code for each new contact, which feature should the data quality expert at Salesforcegeek Inc. use?

Answer: Validation rule

Question 40. What AI technique instructs a model to optimize outcomes by receiving feedback based on its performance from an algorithm?

Answer: Reinforcement learning

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