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Salesforce AI Associate Certification Question and Answer Practice Set 1

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Question 1. What can large language models (LLMs) help businesses and teams with?

Answer: Language-based tasks

Question 2. What is it called when you create a prompt that can be used repeatedly for different purposes?

Answer: Prompt template

Question 3. What is semantic retrieval in the context of LLMs?

Answer: Searching for relevant information in other data sources

Question 4. What is “prompt injection” in generative AI?

Answer: A type of attack on LLMs

Question 5. What is checked for in the Einstein Trust Layer when the LLM passes a response back to Salesforce?

Answer: Toxicity and Data Demasking

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Question 6. Supervised learning is typically used with what type of data?

Answer: Structured data

Question 7. What is natural language processing (NLP) focused on in AI?

Answer: Understanding how words are used together

Question 8. What is the primary function of Named Entity Recognition (NER)?

Answer: Labeling sequences of words and identifying important entities like names, dates, and times

Question 9. What are the key features of Einstein Bots in Salesforce’s Service Cloud?

Answer: Automatic issue resolution, case field prediction, and AI-driven customer service

Question 10. Why is it important for chatbots to integrate with customer data and business processes?

Answer: To provide a seamless experience and escalate to an agent if necessary

Question 11. What is the GPT language model, one of the biggest LLMs, known as?

Answer: Generative Pre-trained Transformer

Question 12.  What is not a concern related to LLMs and AI-generated content?

Answer: Decreasing the carbon footprint due to AI models

Question 13. What is the primary role of predictive AI?

Answer: Spotting patterns in data

Question 14. How does reinforcement learning work?

Answer: It teaches AI models through trial and error, receiving rewards or corrections based on output.

Question 15. What is the goal of part of speech tagging in NLP?

Answer: Identifying the underlying grammatical structure of a sentence

Part of speech tagging is an important function in NLP because it helps computers understand the syntax of a sentence.

Question 16. Why is context analysis important in natural language understanding?

Answer: To make sense of a piece of text based on surrounding information

Question 17. Which type of data analytics predicts what is going to happen in the future based on past data?

Answer: Predictive Analysis

Question 18. What is the primary goal of change management in AI deployment?

Answer: Ensuring the success of new initiatives

Question 19. What does Einstein Activity Capture enable sales reps to do in Salesforce?

Answer: Automatically add activities to related records

Question 20. Which Einstein feature helps sales managers identify at-risk opportunities?

Answer: Einstein Opportunity Scoring

Question 21. What are the Five Trusted AI Principles at Salesforce?

Answer: Responsible, Accountable, Transparent, Empowering, Inclusive

Question 22. How many report rows does Einstein Discovery for Reports analyze?

Answer: 500,000

Einstein Discovery for Reports works with any tabular or summary report that has at least two columns and 50 rows of data. It can analyze up to 50 report columns and 500,000 report rows

Question 23. Which Tableau product can you use to clean, shape, and combine data?

Answer: Tableau Prep Builder

Question 24. Which Salesforce AI feature aids in reducing data entry and activity logging for sales reps?

Answer: Einstein Automated Contacts

Question 25. What does a model card provide insights into for users?

Answer: AI model characteristics and limitations

Question 26. What does data-centric AI necessitate for its development?

Answer: Use of only high-quality data

Question 27. What occurs in overfitting when creating predictive models?

Answer: Memorizing unnecessary details

Question 28. Which term refers to data that hasn’t been processed in any way?

Answer: Raw data

Question 29. What is the primary focus of data literacy?

Answer: Data communication and exploration

Question 30. What defines Einstein Knowledge within Salesforce?

Answer: A solution providing AI-guided articles and solution suggestions

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Question 31. What type of AI promises to create new content and generate novel solutions based on the existing content?

Answer: Generative AI

Question 32. What is the primary objective of Generative AI?

Answer: Generating content and solutions based on the patterns it learns from existing data or information.

Question 33. What term describes the challenge faced by businesses in identifying AI-generated profiles that interact with real users, making it challenging to detect bot networks?

Answer: User Spoofing

Question 34. What role can Generative AI play in assisting Salesforgeek Inc. when developing a new marketing campaign?

Answer: Generating ideas based on market trends and company goals

Question 35. What process utilizes customer data and machine learning to determine the probability of contacts engaging with emails and marketing campaigns?

Answer: Engagement scoring

Question 36. Which aspects are crucial considerations in AI implementation?

Answer: Data Quality, Data Cleansing and Data Governance

Question 37. For enhancing Sales and customer support functions, which specific AI features should Salesforcegeek Inc. consider?

Answer: Einstein Lead Scoring and Case Classification

Question 38. When integrating AI into their CRM, what is the initial step Salesforcegeek Inc. should take to prepare their data?

Answer: Determine data availability

Question 39. What crucial role does considering privacy concerns play in handling AI and CRM data?

Answer: Ensures compliance with laws and regulations

Question 40. What term refers to the process of formulating a question precisely to obtain a specific desired answer?

Answer: Prompt Engineering

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