Salesforce AI Associate Certification Questions and Answers Practice Set 3

Salesforce AI Associate Certification Practice Question and Answer Set-3

Are you looking for Salesforce AI Associate Certification exam practice questions?

This is set 3 of our Salesforce AI Associate Certification exam practice question series.

Let’s dive into the Salesforce AI Associate Certification questions and answers set 3

Question 1. How can you control the variability of LLMs’ responses?

Answer: Adjust the temperature settings to reduce or increase the variability of its output

Question 2. What is the process called when data is pulled from your organization to be included in the prompt?

Answer: Dynamic grounding

Question 3. What are prompt defence guardrails in LLMs for?

Answer: Decreasing the likelihood of unintended or harmful output

Question 4. What happens to the prompts and responses once they are sent to OpenAI in the Salesforce context?

Answer: OpenAI forgets the data as soon as the response is sent back to Salesforce

Question 5. What is an algorithm?

Answer: A set of rules for turning input into output

Question 6. What is the primary function of classifications?

Answer: Categorize data into groups

Question 7. How is NLP different from NLU?

Answer: NLP is about understanding what humans mean when they speak naturally, while NLU handles communication between people and machines.

Question 8. What is the role of training data in machine learning?

Answer: It helps machines make sense of attributes and characteristics.

Question 9. What is a bot in the context of AI?

Answer: An application that automates standard tasks

Question 10. What is generative AI capable of producing?

Answer: Unique text, images, and sounds

Question 11. When can businesses share proprietary data during the generative AI lifecycle?

Answer: Only when using the data to train foundational models

Question 12. What is the key difference between generative AI and predictive AI?

Answer: Generative AI focuses on generating content, while predictive AI predicts future events

Question 13. What does prompt engineering involve?

Answer: Carefully crafting or choosing the input (prompt) for machine learning models

Question 14. What tasks can NLP help computers perform?

Answer: Translating languages

Question 15. What does sentiment analysis involve?

Answer: Determining whether a text expresses a positive, negative, or neutral sentiment

Question 16. What is the primary goal of Diagnostic data analytics?

Answer: To understand why something happened

Question 17. What does the regression line represent in linear regression?

Answer: The best-fitting straight line through data points

Question 18. What tasks can an AI solution for sales teams perform?

Answer: Eliminating time-consuming busywork

Question 19. What does Einstein’s Forecasting provide predictions about?

Answer: Sales team opportunities

Question 20. How many rows with outcome values does Einstein Discovery need to build a model?

Answer: 400

Question 21. What does a model card provide important details about?

Answer: AI model characteristics

Question 22. How should the risk of bias in demographic targeting be mitigated according to the content?

Answer: By using interest- and intent-based targeting

Question 23. What is the primary function of Einstein Activity Capture in Salesforce?

Answer: Automatically logging activities related to Salesforce records

Question 24. What are the key principles outlined in the guidelines for Trusted Generative AI?

Answer: Accuracy, Safety, Transparency, Empowerment, Sustainability

Question 25. What is the most critical action for successful generative AI implementation according to the content?

Answer: Managing data

Question 26. How many observations does Einstein Discovery support in datasets?

Answer: Up to 20 million

Question 27. What defines raw data in the context of data analysis?

Answer: Data yet to be processed or modified

Question 28. How do discrete variables differ from continuous variables?

Answer: Discrete variables have separate and distinct values

Question 29. What does a CRM Analytics dataset for Einstein Discovery require?

Answer: At least 3 columns: one outcome plus two predictor variables

Question 30. Which Salesforce feature highlights the synergy between AI and human capabilities?

Answer: Empowering

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Question 31. What potential risk is associated with real-time personalization in Marketing content within Salesforce?

Answer: Security compromises like Data Breach

Question 32. What concern arises when AI models for image generation replicate styles from publicly available data without variation or curation?

Answer: Plagiarism

Question 33. In what way can generative AI assist when the product description is available?

Answer: Adjusting the tone and voice of the existing description

Question 34. Which AI discipline significantly contributes to Salesforce’s predictive text and speech recognition functionalities?

Answer: Natural Language Processing

Question 35. What is the primary objective of Einstein Lead Scoring within the Sales processes?

Answer: To prioritize sales efforts based on lead conversion

Question 36. What ethical challenges are commonly associated with AI?

Answer: Human bias in algorithms and lack of transparency in decision processes

Question 37. What is the probable effect of utilizing high-quality data on customer relationships?

Answer: Enhanced trust and satisfaction

Question 38. To address customer complaints regarding excessive sales calls, which data quality aspect should Salesforcegeek Inc. assess to reduce communication inefficiencies?

Answer: Data duplication

Question 39. Which practice aligns with Salesforce’s Trusted AI Principle of Inclusivity?

Answer:  Testing models with diverse datasets

Question 40. What term describes the process of breaking sentences into separate units, often done by splitting words based on spaces in the English language?

Answer: Tokenization

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