Salesforce Administrator Certification Practice Exam

Salesforce Administrator Certification Practice Exam

The Salesforce Administrator Certification Practice Exam lets you practice for the real deal by showing you what the format of the questions in the actual Salesforce Certified Administrator exam might look like.

You can take this practice test at your convenience directly from your system without supervision. Upon completion, the results will indicate your strengths and areas where additional studying might be beneficial.

It’s like a helpful guide to know what to focus on for your learning journey.

In this article, we will examine the importance of Salesforce Administrator Certification practice exams and their structure, providing valuable tips to help you prepare effectively for the actual certification exam.

Before we discuss in detail about the Salesforce Administrator Certification Practice Exam, let’s first understand what the Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam is all about.

Salesforce Administrator Certification Practice Exam

The Salesforce Administrator Certification exam is designed for those responsible for setting up, customizing and looking after Salesforce orgs in a company.

It assesses various applications, covering features for end users and the configuration and management options available to administrators across different Salesforce Clouds.

It validates your knowledge in customizing, configuring and maintaining Salesforce implementations.

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We have designed the Salesforce Administrator Practice Exam course to get you ready for the Salesforce Certified Administrator exam.

The course includes five practice exams specifically structured to mimic the format and complexity of the official certification examination, helping you familiarize yourself with the real test.

Salesforce Administrator Certification Practice Exam

Key Highlights of the Salesforce Administrator Practice Set Exam:

  • After attempting each question or completing the exam, you can access a detailed explanation for each question along with additional resources for reference.

Question with right answer

  • Learn valuable strategies for managing both different types of exam questions and your time effectively.
  • Upon completion of the exam, you receive a comprehensive report featuring graphical representations detailing the number of correctly answered questions, skipped questions, and more.

Detailed Report

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1. How many attempts are allowed to pass the Salesforce Administrator Certification?

Within a single Salesforce release cycle, you have the opportunity to take the exam up to three times. Salesforce undergoes three releases each year, known as Spring, Winter, and Summer.

2. Does the Salesforce Administrator Certification expire?

After successfully obtaining the Salesforce Administrator Certification, it is necessary to continue earning Salesforce release trailhead badges to prevent the expiration of your certification.

3. Is the Salesforce Administrator exam free to attempt?

The Salesforce Administrator Certification is priced at $200 and in the event of not passing the exam on the first try, a retake is available for $100.


To become a certified Salesforce Administrator, you need a mix of knowledge, hands-on experience, and thorough exam preparation. Practice exams play a key role in this preparation by giving you a real feel for the certification assessment.

Investing time and effort in comprehensive practice boosts your likelihood of success and reinforces your expertise as a certified Salesforce Administrator.

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