Salesforce Platform Developer I Practice exam set

Salesforce Platform Developer I Practice Exam Set

The Salesforce Platform Developer I practice exam set lets you practice for the real deal by showing you what the format of the questions in the actual Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I Certification exam might look like.

This article talks about why practising for Salesforce Platform Developer I Certification exams is important and how they are structured. It offers helpful tips for preparing well for the actual certification exam.

First, let’s understand what the Salesforce Platform Developer I Certification Exam is, who should take it and other important details before diving into the practice exam set.

Salesforce Platform Developer I

The Salesforce PD I exam is for individuals who can create basic business logic and user interfaces using the Lightning Platform.

To take this exam, candidates typically need at least six months to one year of developer experience. Passing this exam is also necessary before attempting the Salesforce Platform Developer II multiple-choice exam.

Candidates for the Salesforce PD I exam should have the following experience, skills and knowledge:

  • Experience and knowledge of basic Salesforce concepts like Objects, Security, fields and relationships.
  • Familiarity with object-oriented languages like Apex and JavaScript.
  • Understanding of governor limits and their impact.
  • Understanding of formula fields and roll-up summary fields and their uses.
  • Ability to choose between declarative and programmatic methods to meet business requirements.
  • Proficiency in Apex programming language and using best practices for Salesforce customization.
  • Knowledge of testing, debugging, and deploying code, as well as familiarity with available environments.

We have designed the Salesforce Platform Developer I Certification Practice Exam course to get you ready for the Salesforce Platform Developer I Certification exam.

The course provides three practice exams designed to resemble the official certification exam, so you can get used to its format and difficulty level. These practice exams aim to prepare you for the real certification examination by giving you a similar experience beforehand.

Once you launch the course, the following screen will be visible to you. Click on the Start Quiz button and the quiz will be launched.

Once you answer a question or finish the exam, you can review each question’s detailed explanation and find extra resources for reference.

When you finish the exam, you’ll get a detailed report that includes a graphical representation of how many questions you answered correctly, how many you skipped and other important information.

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1. What is the passing score for the Salesforce PD I exam?

68% is the minimum score required to clear the Salesforce PD I exam.

2. Is there a negative marking in the Salesforce PD I  exam?

There is no deduction of marks for incorrect answers in Salesforce certification exams, including the Salesforce Platform Developer 1 exam.

3. How much does the Salesforce PD I exam cost?

The cost of the Salesforce PD I exam is USD 200. If you need to re-attempt the exam the fee is USD 100.

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To become a PD I-certified Salesforce Developer, practice exams play a key role in this preparation by giving you a real feel for the certification assessment.

Investing time and effort in comprehensive practice boosts your likelihood of success and reinforces your expertise as a Salesforce PD I Certified Developer.

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