You can't disable "View Setup and configuration" in this profile because it's assigned to a user who is a delegated administrator

You can’t disable “View Setup and configuration” in this profile because it’s assigned to a user who is a delegated administrator

Ever come across the message “You can’t disable ‘View Setup and Configuration’ in this profile because it’s assigned to a delegated administrator”?

We’ve got you covered! In this blog we will delve into delegated administration, enabling it, setting up a delegated administrator and fixing common errors.

Delegate Administrators

Specific individuals within an organization, known as Delegate Administrators, have the authority to manage users within certain roles and their subordinates.

This feature grants flexibility in assigning particular profiles to users and allows administrators to log in as those users with granted access. It’s essential to differentiate Delegate Administration groups from public groups, which serve sharing purposes.

Let’s explore how having delegated administrators can significantly contribute to the success of your company:

Unlocking Users: In the realm of user management, encountering locked accounts is not uncommon. Delegated administrators hold the authority to unlock users, swiftly resolving access impediments and minimizing downtime.

Profile and Permission Set Management: Assigning users to specific profiles and managing permission sets are crucial aspects of user governance. Delegated administrators can carry out these tasks precisely to ensure that user permissions align with their roles and responsibilities within the organization.

Public Group Administration: Effective collaboration often depends on well-organized group dynamics. Delegated administrators can create and manage membership in public groups, promoting cohesive teamwork and knowledge exchange within specific parameters.

Enhanced Flexibility: Delegated administrators can log in as a user with granted login access, streamlining troubleshooting processes and enabling proactive support to promptly address user concerns.

User Editing: Delegated administrators can create and modify users within specific roles and their subordinates. This includes important tasks such as resetting passwords and establishing personal groups. With these capabilities, delegated administrators can promptly resolve user-related issues and ensure a smooth workflow.

Required Editions and User Permissions

This feature is accessible in both Salesforce Classic and Lightning Experience interfaces, accommodating a diverse user base. However, to use Delegate Administration, specific user permissions are required:

  • Customize Application: This permission is necessary to manage delegated administration effectively.
  • View Setup and Configuration: Delegated administrators must have this permission to access setup configurations.

Moving on from the fact that Partner Portal or Customer Portal users can’t handle administrative duties, it’s important to know that certain portal tasks can be given to portal users.

Before starting delegated administration, make sure to assign the right roles to the delegated group. This helps in managing group permissions smoothly.

Enabling Delegated Administration

  • Navigate to Setup and enter “Delegated Administration” in the Quick Find box.
  • Select “Delegated Administration” and click on “New” to initiate the setup process.
  • Choose or create a delegated group.


  • Opt to enable group users to log in as users within the role hierarchy they administer by selecting “Enable Group for Login Access.” This step may require individual users to grant login access to administrators based on org settings.
  • Save your settings to finalize the configuration.
  • Additionally, defining delegated group details for each related list ensures comprehensive management of user roles and permissions within the organization.

How do you set up a delegated administrator?

  • Go to Manage Delegated Groups and click ‘New’ next to ‘Delegated Group’ to create a group.
    Add Delegated Administrators by clicking ‘Add’ in the Delegated Administrators section and selecting Salesforce Users.
  • In the ‘User Administrator’ section, click ‘Add’ to specify roles and subordinates for Delegated Administrators to create and edit Users, limited to specified roles only.
  • In the ‘Assignable Profiles’ section, click ‘Add’ to choose profiles Delegated Administrators can assign to Users, excluding ‘Modify All Data’ profiles.
  • Optionally, allow Delegated Administrators to manage certain custom objects and tabs by clicking ‘Add’ in the ‘Custom Object Administration’ section. Note that Delegated Administrators cannot edit custom object relationships.


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You can’t disable “View Setup and configuration” in this profile because it’s assigned to a user who is a delegated administrator:

According to Salesforce, if a user belongs to the Delegated Administrator group, it’s impossible to deactivate that user’s “View Setup and Configuration” access, whether it’s from their Profile settings or the Permission Set assigned to them.

When attempting to disable this setting for such a user by unchecking the box in either their Profile or assigned Permission Set, Salesforce will generate a validation error message stating:

You can’t disable “View Setup and Configuration” in this profile because it’s assigned to a user who is a delegated administrator.

How to Resolve this error?

Navigate to your user profile and access Administrative Permissions.

Verify if the option “View Setup and Configuration” is unchecked.

If it is unchecked, ensure to click on the checkbox to activate this permission within your profile settings.


Empowering delegate administrators enables streamlined user management, enhances collaboration, and resolves issues promptly.

However, ensuring they have the necessary permissions, including “View Setup and Configuration” access, is crucial. By following the outlined steps to resolve related errors, organizations can maximize the benefits of delegated administration for success and efficiency within their teams.


1. How can we identify delegated administrators in Salesforce?
Delegated administrators in Salesforce can be identified by their assigned permissions and roles.

System administrators can manage delegated administrator assignments through user management settings and delegation settings in the Salesforce setup.

2. Is it possible to customize the permissions and privileges granted to delegated administrators?
Yes, Salesforce allows for the customization of permissions and privileges granted to delegated administrators based on organizational requirements.

System administrators can create custom permission sets, role hierarchies, and delegated administration settings to customize the level of access and authority granted to delegated administrators.

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