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In this blog, we’ll dive into Omnistudio for Salesforce, exploring how it has emerged as a valuable product and examining its functionalities within the Salesforce ecosystem.

What is Omnistudio in Salesforce?

Omnistudio, a suite of digital engagement tools empowers businesses to craft interactive user experiences through a low-code environment. This versatile platform streamlines the application development process for both administrators and developers. What’s the secret? An intuitive drag-and-drop interface paired with pre-designed components, enabling efficient and time-saving application creation.

By adopting Omnistudio, you can fully realize the full potential of enhancing customer engagement, simplify internal workflows, and encourage innovation across your organization.

Omnistudio and Vlocity: What’s the Difference?

Stop confusing Omnistudio and Vlocity! While they used to be distinct entities, the landscape has shifted. Omnistudio is now part of Vlocity, rebranded as “Salesforce Industries” or simply “Omnistudio for Vlocity” But their roles remain different.
Think of Omnistudio as a toolbox within Vlocity. It offers modular components to build industry-specific solutions. Its three layers – Digital Experience, Service Management, and Developer Experience – enable you to create customized apps.

Vlocity, on the other hand, represents the entire ecosystem. It encompasses not just the Omnistudio toolbox, but also industry-specific models, processes, and solutions. That’s not all! Vlocity provides specialized data models for various sectors, from government and finance to healthcare and manufacturing.

Vlocity consists of the following modules:

  • OM (Order Management): Efficiently handle orders across industries.
  • EPC (Energy and Utilities Product Catalog): Manage complex product catalogs in the energy and utilities sector.
  • CLM (Contract Lifecycle Management): Streamline contract management across various industries.
  • CPQ (Configure Price Quote): Simplify configuration, pricing, and quoting processes.

Let’s take a quick look at the different Components of the Omnistudio.


FlexCards are a powerful tool for gathering and displaying contextual data from various sources, allowing users to view it seamlessly across devices. Moreover, with click-based components and industry-specific UI capabilities, developers can easily configure and build applications on the Salesforce platform using OmniStudio FlexCards.

Essentially, These Lightning web components simplify data presentation by elegantly organizing and visually appealing records in cards. The FlexCard Designer further enhances the user experience by allowing designers to preview and publish their designs on Lightning or Community pages.


OmniScript is a versatile and user-friendly tool that enhances sales and service processes. Its distinguishing features include flexibility, a wide range of styling options, and a modern branded appearance. With various element types to choose from, designers can construct personalized scripts without coding.

Furthermore, OmniScripts can be deployed across multiple channels and devices, making them highly accessible. Additionally,  The built-in branching capabilities allow for dynamic customer interactions, tailoring the experience based on the user’s choices.


With a mapping tool called a DataRaptor, you can read, edit, and modify Salesforce data. Consider it this way: for your system to display data, it must extract data from each single consumer encounter or business transaction. Additionally, It has to be saved as well as the user modifies or adds new data.

OmniStudio DataRaptors can help with that. Seamlessly, DataRaptor facilitates the smooth integration of your apps with Salesforce by supplying data from the database to components such as Cards, Integration Procedures, and OmniScripts.

Integration Procedure

Integration Procedures are powerful tools that enable the seamless exchange of data between Salesforce and external systems. They can be invoked by various components such as APIs, Apex methods, or OmniStudio components like OmniScripts or FlexCards.

These server-side programs efficiently perform multiple tasks in a single server call and can even run Apex code without user input. Integration Procedures are a reliable data source for FlexCards and simplify data operations, making them an essential asset for seamless integration.

How to enable Omnistudio in Salesforce?

Previously, we could install the Omnistudio Managed package via the Salesforce AppExchange. However, this choice is no longer accessible, But don’t panic! the Vlocity Managed package is now available on the AppExchange in Salesforce.

We can get a package of Omnistudio through the following steps :

  1. Access the following link:
  2.  Choose one of the options: Package Installation URLs, Production Package, or Sandbox Package.
  3. Once you’ve accessed your Salesforce Org, proceed to log in using your credentials.
  4. Once logged in, select the users who should have access.
  5. Once you’ve chosen the users who need access, hit the Install button.
  6. Approve third-party access by selecting both options and Clicking on Continue.
  7. Once you’ve clicked Done.
  8. Consequently,  you’ll be able to review the Installed Package in your Salesforce Org.


You can directly get a developer org of Omnistudio from this link

Why Omnistudio Could Be Your Perfect Development Partner?

Regardless of your background, whether you’re tech-savvy or not, explore the world of Omnistudio and advance your career – With dedication and continuous learning, you’ll unlock the vast potential of this domain. Omnistudio’s expansive scope offers diverse opportunities for both technical and non-technical individuals to make a significant impact.

Speed Up Development – Get your projects off the ground in record time! Omnistudio’s visual interface and pre-built components replace traditional coding, letting you drag, drop, and build with lightning speed. Rapid prototyping helps you test and refine ideas instantly, iterating faster than ever before.

Maintenance Made Easy – No more coding headaches! Update your applications seamlessly with Omnistudio’s intuitive visual interface. Changes are quick and simple, saving you time and resources.

Debug Like a Pro – Omnistudio empowers you to troubleshoot effectively. Inspect raw JSON data with the embedded procedure debugger, pinpointing issues effortlessly.

Craft Your Vision – Adapt Omnistudio to perfectly match your unique needs and brand. Whether you have specific business goals or want to express your design preferences, Omnistudio gives you the tools to customize freely.

Connect and Integrate – Break down silos and expand your reach. Omnistudio seamlessly connects with various data sources and applications, giving you a centralized, integrated experience.

What are the best practices of Omnistudio?

  • Developers frequently duplicate comparable features and functionality throughout various screens, leading to unnecessary data extraction and potential performance problems. To enhance development, developers should utilize components such as child FlexCards for repetitive content and reuse Integration Procedures and DataRaptors for consistent data retrieval.
  • Before starting development, it is important to address data mapping.
  • Repetitive components in complex integration procedures should be avoided.


1.  What level of coding proficiency is required to effectively utilize Omnistudio?

The level of coding proficiency required depends on your specific project goals and desired level of customization, You have the flexibility to start with no coding knowledge and gradually add it as your needs and skills evolve. For more complex projects, it is essential to learn JSON and Apex to build logic. However, for basic applications, you can rely on pre-built components, drag-and-drop functionality, and configuration options for efficient development.

2. Is Vlocity a part of Salesforce?

Yes, Vlocity is a part of Salesforce as it was acquired by Salesforce in February 2020 for $1.33 billion. It has since been renamed as ‘Salesforce Industries’. Vlocity’s industry-specific solutions are now integrated into the broader Salesforce platform, continuing its legacy within the Salesforce ecosystem.

3. What is the difference between LWC and Omnistudio?

Omnistudio is a low-code development platform for creating interactive user experiences within the Salesforce ecosystem, that utilizes elements like IPs, DRs, Omniscripts, and Flexcards. It works well for simpler applications and excellent choice for developers who have limited coding experience.

On the other hand, LWC is a framework designed to create UI for Salesforce applications using JS, HTML and CSS. It is well-suited for complex applications. Unlike Omnistudio, LWC requires users to have a solid knowledge of coding concepts.

4. Is OmniStudio a managed package?

Yes, It is a managed package on the Salesforce AppExchange as it has integrated into the broader Salesforce Industries. This means that Omnistudio functionality is now delivered as part of various Vlocity industry cloud solutions, along with other pre-built components and industry-specific configurations.


Omnistudio for Salesforce is a versatile suite of digital engagement tools that empower businesses to create interactive user experiences through a low-code environment. Omnistudio, now part of Vlocity, offers modular components within the Vlocity toolbox to build industry-specific solutions.

The different components of Omnistudio, such as FlexCards, OmniScript, DataRaptor, and Integration Procedure, work together to simplify data presentation, enhance sales and service processes, facilitate data integration, and deliver dynamic and data-driven experiences.

Ultimately, Omnistudio is the perfect development partner for speeding up application development and unlocking the vast potential of digital engagement.

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