5 Best Salesforce Books To Read In 2022

Salesforce professionals are always keen to learn new things and keep themselves updated. Thanks to the giving back approach of the community people, there are numerous resources available online to learn about Salesforce in the form of blogs, presentations, books, and courses.
You can check out this post to know the top five highly recommended Salesforce books that can help you to learn more about Salesforce.

1. Learning Salesforce Development with Apex – Paul Battisson

This book covers the foundations of the Salesforce Apex programming language. Apex is a programming language used by developers to develop applications on top of Salesforce CRM.
learn salesforce development with Apex
This new Salesforce book is aimed at people who are just getting started with Apex, whether they are established Salesforce Admins or newcomers to the Salesforce ecosystem with limited professional programming expertise.
In this book, you will learn how to leverage the Apex programming language to develop scalable applications.

It introduces programming basics like loops and control statements. All the concepts are explained with the help of examples which help you understand the fundamental ideas and functionalities.
Concepts like Apex triggers, SOQL, and SOSL are thoroughly addressed which helps you to develop robust scalable solutions. Best practices for development are covered, as well as how to successfully test your code to deliver it to the end-users.

Object-oriented programming applicable in Apex and how the integration of Salesforce with third-party solutions can be done using APIs are also discussed.

What you will learn :

  • What is Apex
    • Variables
    • collections
    • Apex Triggers
    • Apex Testing
  • SOQL
  • SOSL

Key features :

  • Learn the basics of Apex programming language.
  • Learn how to obtain data using SOQL and SOSL.
  • Investigate the best approaches for producing scalable and maintainable code.

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2. Salesforce for Beginners: – Sharif Shaalan

salesforce for beginners
If you are new to Salesforce or want to start a career in the Salesforce domain, this new Salesforce book is a great resource to start learning from scratch about Salesforce. It will help you learn key Salesforce concepts such as objects and connections, as well as how to evaluate results using reports and dashboards.

You’ll learn how to configure Salesforce to get the most out of it, begin by understanding how to establish activities, handle leads, and expand your sales funnel with prospects and accounts. Also, you will grasp how to improve marketing activities with campaigns

This Salesforce book is equipped with real-world business use cases which will teach you how to accurately analyze business requirements and take decisions.
Process automation tools like process builder, assignment rules, and approval process are also covered in this book. You will understand the difference between Salesforce Lightning and Salesforce’s classic user interface.

What you will learn :

  • Objects and relationships in Salesforce
  • How to build reports and dashboards
  • Difference between Salesforce lightning and Salesforce classic
  • How to use changesets for deployment
  • Analyzing business requirements

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3. Mastering Apex Programming – Paul Battisson

mastering apex programming
This book is an excellent resource for Salesforce developers who want to master Apex programming. As this book focuses on upskilling your Apex skills, basic knowledge of Apex is a prerequisite to understanding the concepts mentioned in this book.
Apex best practices, debugging and testing have been covered in-depth in this book. The book discusses how you can utilize Batch Apex, Queueable Apex, and Scheduled Apex.
Apex REST services and Custom Web Services are also covered in the book. Each concept in this book has been explained with the help of code examples to enhance the learning curve of the readers.

What you will learn :

  • Best practices to perform during the execution of Apex.
  • How to debug your Apex code
  • How to schedule Apex jobs
  • Building reliable applications using Apex
  • Salesforce Governor Limits
  • How to use Platform Events in Salesforce
  • Developing custom REST services for inbound integrations

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4. Salesforce CRM – The Definitive Admin Handbook – Paul Goodey

salesforce crm - the definitive admin handbook
This book is intended for Salesforce administrators looking to expand their Salesforce CRM knowledge. If you are new to the Salesforce ecosystem or looking to learn about Salesforce this book can help you enhance your knowledge about Salesforce.

The book provides step-by-step descriptions of the capabilities of the Salesforce CRM platform, as well as comprehensive instructions for configuring the application.

You will explore different Salesforce functionalities such as Service Cloud, Sales Cloud, and Marketing Cloud.

By the end of the book, you will learn about two different Salesforce versions i.e. Salesforce Classic and Salesforce Lightning. At the end of each chapter, there is a section containing questions to challenge your knowledge. There are many use cases in the book with real-world examples.
What you will learn :

  • How to set Salesforce CRM
  • Types of clouds in Salesforce
  • Managing Salesforce Users and Controlling accessibility
  • Configuring Objects and Relationships
  • Levels of Security in Salesforce
  • Reports and Dashboards
  • How to implement data manipulation
  • Process Automations in Salesforce

5. Salesforce Data Architecture and Management – Ahsan Zafar

salesforce data architecture and management
This new Salesforce book is intended for aspiring Salesforce architects, administrators, and developers. If you’re studying for the Salesforce Data Architecture and Management exam, this book will come in handy. It is expected that you have a basic understanding of Salesforce in order to grasp the concepts covered in this book.
Data management is an important part of any Salesforce org. With the progress of your project as the Salesforce org matures, data management becomes more challenging. The Salesforce book focuses on data modelling techniques, how you can leverage them in Salesforce, and best practices for managing your data.
You’ll also learn about data management tools and how Salesforce can be used for Global Data Protection Regulation and California Consumer Protection Act compliance.  This Salesforce book covers concepts about Large Data Volumes (LDVs) and recommended practices for data migration via APIs.
At the end of each chapter, there are assessments with questions to test your understanding of the topics covered.
What you will learn :

  • Roles and responsibilities of data architecture
  • Understanding data modelling and data management
  • Golden record and its importance
  • Importance of Data governance
  • Large data volumes and data migration
  • Best practices of data migration

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