Top 6 Online Courses to Learn Salesforce Development

If you are a Salesforce System Administrator and plan to switch into a Salesforce Developer and look for some Online Courses to learn Salesforce Development. In that case, you can continue reading this blog post.

Moreover, If you are an intermediate and want to learn Salesforce LWC, Salesforce Deployment, Salesforce Integration, etc., you can also check out this post.

Top 6 Online Courses to learn Salesforce Development

Complete Salesforce Development by Manish Chaudhari

The course is designed for all experience levels. You will start from ground 0, and in no time, you will summit the very peak of Salesforce Development.

You will learn all the nasty back-end stuff (Apex Development) and cool front-end stuff (Lightning Development).

While climbing the Salesforce Development peak, you will face many challenges (60+ Challenges) and real-time projects to help you build that muscle memory and make you a proficient Salesforce Developer.

Check out The Complete Salesforce Development Course

Salesforce LWC by Salesforce Champs – ( Amit, Manish, Nikhil )

For Salesforce Lightning Web Component, I’m going to share three courses by three different folks. These 3 Resources are the best to learn Salesforce Lightning Web Component.

How to choose between these 3 Lightning Web Component Courses?

All the 3 Amazing Mentors has their youtube channel where they provide some of the LWC videos free of cost, those youtube videos are also self-sufficient to learn LWC, but paid resources come with their benefits for example: As you know, Salesforce updates its system thrice a year, so In Udemy courses, Authors update their courses whenever new functionality comes in Salesforce.

Learn more about Salesforce Flow Bootcamp

So watch their free tutorials over youtube, and you will get an Idea about the Mentor and choose the one which suits you.

Below are the Youtube channels of the Authors

  1. SFDC Panther by Amit Singh
  2. SFDCFacts Academy by Manish Chaudhari
  3. Salesforce Troop by Nikhil Karkara

Bonus Check out the Lightning Web Component Handbook

And here are the links to their Online LWC Courses

  1. LWC by Amit Singh 
  2. LWC by Manish Chaudhari
  3. LWC by Nikhil Karkara

Salesforce Integration: Novice to Professional by Amit Singh

This course is designed to learn Salesforce Integration from scratch to Advance Salesforce Integration. In this course, you will be able to understand the essential information about Salesforce Integration.

By integrating Salesforce with other applications, organizations can now tap into vast unknown resources and provide them with much greater operational visibility.

This course leverages all types of Authentication that can be used while integrating with any third-party system, including API Key, Basic, OAuth 2.0, OAuth 1.0, JWT &, etc.

In this course, you will also learn how to use different API REST & SOAP, which is best.

At the end of the course, you will write any integration for sure.

Check out Mastering Salesforce Integration

Salesforce Release/Deployment Management – A Complete Guide by Amit Singh

If you are looking to learn about Salesforce Deployment Management for the below topics, then this course is for you 🙂

  1. Jenkins
  2. Bit Bucket
  3. Azure DevOps
  4. GitHub Actions
  6. SFDX Deployment
  7. Salesforce Change Set
  8. Apache ANT Deployment
  9. Salesforce Release Management
  10. Best Branching Strategy for your project
  11. Salesforce Change Management & Deployment

This course contains more than 60+ lectures and most probably one of the most complete and comprehensive online courses you will ever get to see covering Salesforce Change and Release management concepts from end to end. And no doubt, in the end, of course, you will become an expert in handling change and release management activities in Salesforce.

Register for Salesforce Flow Bootcamp

Checkout: Salesforce Release/Deployment Management

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