Salesforce Flow Scenarios – Learn Flow with Scenarios

1. Flow to create Account and Contact from a Custom Object

2. Flow to create Contact Forms with Upload Files screen component

3. Flow to Send Email to all the child Record of the Parent

4. Lookup Screen component in Salesforce Lightning Flow

5. Before Trigger in Flows for Before-Save Updates

6. After Save Update in the Salesforce Summer ’20 Flow Builder

7. Flow to Delete the Child records in Summer’ 20 Flow Builder

8. Flow to Pass the whole record When Launching a Flow from a Quick Action

9. Before Delete Trigger in Salesforce Flows – Winter ’21 update

10. Rollup Trigger via Salesforce Record Triggered Flow – Trigger without code

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4 thoughts on “Salesforce Flow Scenarios – Learn Flow with Scenarios

  1. Create a Checkbox field in Contact object and name it “Salesforce User”

    When ever a contact is setup as Partner user, we need to make this field as true. If partner user is deactivated this field should be false.

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