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Salesforce Ecosystem

Question 1. Which Salesforce cloud can be used by a non-profit organization for its management?

Answer. Nonprofit Cloud.

To learn more about Salesforce Nonprofit Cloud, click Here

Question 2. Which Salesforce Cloud would enable a company to manage its Sales pipeline from starting to deal completion?

Answer. Sales Cloud.

To learn more about Salesforce Sales Cloud, click Here

Question 3. Which Salesforce job role is responsible for driving business improvements, and collaborating with stakeholders to understand business needs?

Answer. Business Analyst.

Question 4. Using which resource you can network and collaborate with other professionals in the Salesforce ecosystem?

Answer: Trailblazer community groups.

You can join the trailblazer community groups near your location to meet and collaborate with trailblazers based on your role and interests.

Question 5. Where should you develop and evaluate new functionality for your Salesforce org?

Answer: Sandbox.

Sandbox is a replica of production Org. It allows you to configure, customize and test your functionalities without impacting your live data and processes.

There are four types of Sandboxes in Salesforce namely Developer Sandbox, Developer Pro Sandbox, Partial Copy Sandbox, and Full Sandbox.

Question 6. Which Trailhead functionality can be utilized to create a custom learning path for the users?

Answer: Custom Trailmixes.

Question 7. Salesforce is based on which platform architecture?

Answer: Multitenant Architecture.

Multi-tenant architecture refers to a design approach where multiple users have access to the same instance of the system.

Question 8. Which type of org user should create to develop and practice Salesforce skills within Trailhead?

Answer: Trailhead playground.

A Trailhead Playground is a Salesforce org that you can utilize to fulfil practical challenges and experiment with new Salesforce functionalities and customizations.

Question 9. The biggest yearly conference for all the Salesforce professionals is known as?

Answer: Dreamforce

Dreamforce is a yearly occasion that began in 2003 with the primary goal of uniting the global Salesforce community to share ideas, have fun, build communities, and contribute to charitable causes.

Question 10. Which Salesforce cloud can be used to develop a client feedback management system?.

Answer: Service Cloud

Service Cloud is a complete system for helping customers whenever they need assistance. It offers various ways to communicate such as phone, email, social media, chat, and self-help pages or communities.


Question 11. Where can you find information about the available number of licenses in your Salesforce org?

Answer. Setup ➡ Company Information ➡ User Licenses

Salesforce Associate Certification Practice User Licenses

Question 12. What measures can be taken to restrict user login in the Salesforce org outside of specific designated hours?

Answer: Using Login hours.

Setup ➡ Select a Profile ➡ Login Hours

Salesforce Associate Certification Practice Login hours

Question 13. Where within Salesforce can associate access the necessary information to review and explore all the objects available in their company’s instance?

Answer: Object Manager.

Object Manager

Question 14. How can a manager enforce restrictions on access to their company’s Salesforce org outside the office premises?

Answer: Using Login IP Ranges.

Setup ➡ Select a Profile ➡ Login IP Ranges

Login IP Ranges

Question 15. What steps can a user take to update their personal work hours information within the Salesforce org?

Answer: User settings ➡ My Personal information ➡ Language and Time Zone

Salesforce Administrator Exam Practice Set

Question 16. What steps should be followed to show an extra field in a custom list view that you have created?

Answer: By selecting “Select Fields to Display” under the gear icon.

Question 17. In Salesforce, what is the procedure for a user to customize and configure their email signature?

Answer: Click on your Avatar icon ➡ Settings ➡ Email (My Email settings) ➡ Signature

Question 18. How can the visibility of a newly created custom field be adjusted to ensure users can see it in Salesforce?

Answer: Object Manager ➡ Opportunity ➡ Page layouts

Question 19. What is the procedure for accessing the Recycle Bin in Salesforce in order to restore deleted records?

Answer: Using App Launcher

Salesforce Recycle Bin


Question 20. What steps should be taken to restrict access to an organization’s Salesforce org for an ex-employee?

Answer: Deactivate the user record.

It is important to know that there is no option to delete user records. We can either deactivate it or freeze it.

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Data Model

Question 21. How can a user ensure that a specific field on the contact object becomes mandatory using the most appropriate method?

Answer: Mark it as universally required on the field level

Salesforce Associate Certification Practice Contact Email Required

Question 22. In Salesforce, what mechanism is used to restrict access to records, granting a manager visibility solely into the records owned by their team and not other teams?

Answer: Role Hierarchy

  • Role hierarchy is a method of controlling the data accessibility on a Salesforce object based on the role of a user.

Question 23. What steps can a user take to display the count of all the related contacts for an Account in Salesforce?

Answer: Use the Roll-up Summary field

  • Roll-Up Summary Fields summarize data from a group of related child records and present the output on the master record. You can choose from a variety of functions, including SUM, COUNT, MIN, MAX, and AVG.
  • It can only be created in a Master-detail relationship.

Question 24. What kind of object is typically used to enable a Many-to-Many relationship in Salesforce?

Answer: Junction object

Question 25. What type of relationship is defined between the Account and Contact objects in the Salesforce data model?

Answer: Lookup relationship

Account and Contact Relationship

Question 26. How many Master-Detail relationships we can create per object?

Answer: 2

Question 27. When the parent record is deleted in a Master-Detail relationship, what are the consequences?

Answer: The child record also gets deleted

Salesforce object relationships overview

Question 28. What considerations are important to evaluate prior to changing the field type of a custom object?

Answer: There can be a possibility of data loss when changing the field type

Question 29. Which features within Salesforce can be employed to provide a user with extended edit access privileges on a field?

Answer: Permission set

A permission set is a collection of settings and permissions that has been assigned to the user to extend its access in the Salesforce org.

Question 30. Which Salesforce feature can be leveraged to ensure that the contact email field is not left blank when the country field indicates India?

Answer: Using Validation rules

Validation rules are like a set of rules that check if the information entered by you into the record meets certain standards.

Reports and Dashboards

Question 31. What is the recommended action to filter a report displaying all Contacts and view only Contacts associated with a particular Account name?

Answer: Add a grouping

Question 32. How can a user confirm that they are accessing and analyzing the most current data available on the dashboard in Salesforce?

Answer: Click on the refresh button on the dashboard and check for the dashboard time stamp.

Question 33. In Salesforce, what functionality allows for the use of color highlights in cells to showcase significant metrics in reports?

Answer: Conditional formatting

Question 34. What is the maximum number of rows visible in the Salesforce report?

Answer: 2,000

Question 35. What is the recommended dashboard component type in Salesforce for visually presenting data as a range?

Answer: Gauge

Question 36. Which Salesforce feature can be used to send weekly reports?

Answer: Subscriptions

Question 37. What is the limit on the number of filters that a Lightning dashboard can have in an org with Unlimited Edition?

Answer: 5

Question 38. Which specific function within Salesforce reports can be used to identify the total number of unique values in a column?

Answer: Unique Count

Question 39. What is the appropriate choice of dashboard component in Salesforce to effectively showcase the sum of the amount from closed won opportunities in a report?

Answer: Metrics Component

Question 40. Which Salesforce functionality will allow the users to quickly modify record values in Salesforce reports?

Answer:  Inline reports editing

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