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Ultimate Guide to Pass Salesforce Associate Certification Exam

The Salesforce Certified Associate Certification exam is designed for those at the beginner level and validates their fundamental knowledge of Salesforce as a platform and its functionalities.

Who should take this exam?

Individuals who have fundamental knowledge about Salesforce and are considering a career in Salesforce can opt to pursue this certification.

About the Exam:

  • The Salesforce Associate Certification exam is a multiple-choice test that covers the basics of Salesforce functionality.
  • The exam consists of 40 questions and must be completed within 70 minutes.
  • The exam can be taken online or onsite testing center.
  • The registration fee for the exam is USD 75 plus the applicable taxes required as per local laws.
  • This exam does not have any retake fee. So, you can re-attempt the exam for free.
  • The exam is proctored by an invigilator ensuring that the certification holds a high level of credibility.
  • There is no prerequisite required to be completed this exam.
  • No material should be referenced during the exam.

Salesforce Flow Course

Topics covered in this exam:

1. Salesforce Ecosystem – 32%

  • Describe the different resources that are accessible for learning and applying Salesforce skills, considering a particular situation.
  • Identify the Salesforce Customer 360 product offerings that would apply to a given use case.
  • How different companies are leveraging Salesforce?
  • Distinguish between the diverse career paths and job roles available in the Salesforce ecosystem.

2. Navigation – 28%

  • Identify the way by which a user can find and retrieve required information from Salesforce org, considering a particular scenario.
  • Identify the location of Salesforce customization in a given scenario

3. Data Model – 25%

  • Explain the relationship between the standard Salesforce objects like Account, Opportunity, Contact and Lead.
  • Identify which data visibility feature should be used in a given scenario.
  • Find the appropriate tool for ensuring data accuracy in a given scenario.

4. Reports & Dashboards – 15%

  • Reports and their types in Salesforce
  • Dashboards and their types in Salesforce

Types of questions you can expect in the Salesforce Associate Certification exam:

  1. Types of the relationship between different Salesforce objects.
  2. Different Salesforce clouds and their utility.
  3. What is trailhead and its importance?
  4. How different record-sharing models work in Salesforce.

Free resources you can refer to for Salesforce Associate Certification Preparation:

Things prohibited from the exam:

  • Sharing, using, or requesting certification exam questions and answers
  • Offering or asking for help during your certification exam.
  • Don’t use Salesforce Dumps here is why?

Consequences for violating the Program Agreement may result into:

  • Being removed or temporarily restricted from taking online proctored exams.
  • Cancellation of Certifications and Superbadges.
  • Suspension from taking any certification exams.
  • Exclusion from the Salesforce Credentials program and the Trailblazer Community.

There is no maintenance required for the Salesforce Associate certification.

Attempt the Salesforce Associate Certification Mock exam here

If you are considering taking the Salesforce Administrator exam in the future, the Salesforce Associate exam presents an excellent opportunity to evaluate your knowledge.

Wondering how to register for the Salesforce exam? Check out the blog below๐Ÿ‘‡

How to register for the Salesforce Certification Exam

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