Salesforce Schedule-Trigger Flow to send multiple Email

Hello Folks, In this blog you are going to learn about the schedule-trigger flow to send multiple Emails with the video tutorial for the Schedule Triggered Flow.

What is schedule Triggered Flow?

A schedule-triggered flow starts at the specified time and frequency for a batch of records. Understand the considerations and special behaviors of schedule-triggered flows, also known as scheduled flows.

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Pre Requisite for the Below Scenario:

Create 2 fields on the contact Object to get the Birthday Month and Date of the Contacts to use these field data in our Flow to know the birthday of the Contact.

Flow Scenario:

This video consists of the concepts i.e

  1. How to send Rich Text Template in Email body? i.e (Spring 21 release feature)
  2. How to create a Schedule Triggered Flow to Send Email?
  3. What to do if an email is not fired from your Salesforce schedule Flow?
  4. How to debug Salesforce Schedule Triggered Flow?

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Schedule-Trigger Flow Considerations:

If you are looking for schedule triggered flow consideration check out the official help article

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