Flow to Send Email to Manager when the user gets deactivated.

Hello Folks, In this blog you are going to learn about how to send an email to the manager when a user gets removed from the company i.e user deactivated with the video tutorial for the same.

Pre Requisite for the Below Scenario:

If you have the users of 2 different roles then we are good to go but make sure you also have the manager for the testing of this post to chatter using the flow scenario.

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Flow Scenario:

If any user with the Vendor Associate (depends on your config) role is deactivated from the Org, you need to send an email to the Manager of the user.

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To check for the manager go to Quick Find and type users

  • Click Users

  • Click edit in front of the user you want to set or view the manager

  • Scroll down to the approver setting


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In this Flow, we are going to use Send Email Action to learn more about it you can check this out Flow Core Action: Send Email

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2 thoughts on “Flow to Send Email to Manager when the user gets deactivated.

  1. Hi Shubham,

    Thanks for the flow, Can we send an email to user manager with record that user assigned ?


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