Simplify Patient Registration with Salesforce Health Cloud

One way to speed up your registration process is to make sure your form data reliably makes it to a single location, like Salesforce Health Cloud. In order to accomplish this task so employees have access to data 24/7, you need to make sure your patient registration forms can sync directly to your customer relationship management (CRM) platform.

Titan’s healthcare forms are a great digital option if you are on the hunt for a third-party app. It can give you no-code form solutions to eliminate your data errors and optimize your registration process.

Join us in the article below as we discuss optimizing patient registration processes with the help of intake health forms in Salesforce. And stick around till the end, as we also give you Salesforce healthcare and life sciences integration options for the power to fully customize your organization’s processes.

A Healthcare CRM Integration

Starting with getting to know your software, Salesforce Healthcare & Life Sciences is a platform designed specifically to cater to the needs of the healthcare industry. With Salesforce for healthcare, clinics can give their patients an elevated customer experience while establishing tech-forward systems to make work processes faster and smoother.

If you want healthcare solutions that eliminate manual tasks while you focus on the future of medicine, we suggest signing up for Salesforce Life Sciences. This Salesforce healthcare CRM platform is designed to work well with the specific needs of pharmaceutical and medical device companies.

Alternatively, you can integrate Titan into your Salesforce CRM for healthcare solutions. Titan’s platform integrates directly with Salesforce Health Cloud to streamline how your clinic manages medical records, operative reports, and more. With Titan, you get to build web projects with no code that are 100% HIPAA compliant.

Building Patient Registration Forms with Salesforce Healthcare

But back to web forms for Salesforce…

If you want to collect patient or customer data for your Healthcare Cloud to support your registration process, you will need to integrate web forms into your software stack.

 You can use the Salesforce Forms feature from your favorite CRM provider, or you could choose to go with a third-party app that works well for you. If you decide to go with a third-party app solution, you need to make sure that it integrates well with Salesforce. There are many form-building apps that exist on the Salesforce AppExchange marketplace for you to peruse, but we suggest you go with Titan.

Just take a look at Titan’s simple steps to create a Salesforce web form quickly below.

New Patient Forms in Health Cloud

Creating a new patient registration form is easy with Titan. Simply go to the app and expand the Plus (+) button next to the settings icon. This action will bring up a bunch of elements that you can use, as Titan is not just a simple form builder for patient forms.

 Choose the Form element from the list and drag it onto your canvas to start designing your patient registration forms.


You also have the option to quickly edit your columns, rows, and spacing for your new patient forms. If you did make any changes, use the checkbox to fix these settings as your default. This will let you create a patient registration form template for future use. Then, you can easily click the Apply button to add the form to your canvas.

And that’s how quick it is to optimize form creation in your patient registration process for Health Cloud in Salesforce.

How does Salesforce Healthcare Cloud Simplify the Patient Registration Process?

Collecting data is only one step in the whole patient registration process. Let’s dive into the other areas of the signup process that can be transformed for the better with Healthcare Cloud.

Data Privacy for Patients

The number one concern is data security! Salesforce can protect the privacy of your patient data in a few ways. When you store patient data with Healthcare Cloud, you get features to encrypt information when it’s resting or when it’s syncing between platforms.

Even though your patient data is safe in Salesforce, you also want to keep those details private and only available to employees who need to work with it. For this reason, with Salesforce Healthcare Cloud, administrators can set up access control and permissions for users. Now, only specific doctors or nurses have access to a patient’s medical and personal data.

Customer Experience

Next, you can truly put patients first with Healthcare Cloud. One of its offerings is that you can design 1-1 patient journeys for your clinic. Healthcare Cloud can support the entire patient journey, starting at onboarding to care strategies and every other Salesforce patient engagement that occurs in between. 

Online Patient Intake Forms

As mentioned previously, you will need to integrate a digital patient forms solution into Healthcare to collect data. We suggest trying Titan for creating online intake forms. The added benefit of using Titan is that you not only get to build digital patient intake forms but also design web projects to simplify your registration process from end to end.

Simplified Patient Portals

So, what else can you do with Titan? Other than patient forms for online data collection, you can also build secure self-service Salesforce patient portals. The benefits of patient portals are enormous, as they let your clients easily schedule appointments and pay for treatments.

Another popular app, with over 100,000 downloads, is Patient Cloud. Patients can download the app from Google Play for free and then use it to connect with doctors who also use the software. Patient Cloud is popular for clinical trials as it lets patients respond to surveys privately from home.


Thanks for reading our article on streamlining the patient registration process with Salesforce Health Cloud. We also offered some great alternatives if you decide to venture outside of the Salesforce ecosystem. We hope we have inspired you to engage better and faster with patients and clients with the use of digital web forms.

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