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When you have multiple contracts on the go, tracking them manually can feel chaotic and challenging. Ensuring that all important milestones are met on the correct target date becomes cumbersome and time-consuming. By bringing your business into the future and implementing a Salesforce CLM solution, you can handle the entire contract process with ease. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, you can say goodbye to manual tracking and embrace a smarter, more efficient, and more organized approach to your contacts and documents. 

CLM software is all about simplifying the document creation and negotiation process of your contracts. Providing real-time tracking and collaboration throughout the lifecycle through automation. Stay ahead of important milestones and meticulously manage your documents from start to finish. Keep reading to find out more about contract lifecycle management software. We delve into Titan, a no-code tool you can implement in your business to seamlessly manage the CLM process. 

What is Contract Lifecycle Management Software?

Contract Lifecycle Management (CLM) Software is designed to handle the entire contract life cycle process. The software automates and streamlines contract creation, negotiation, approval, execution, and renewal or termination. CLM software aims to enhance the contracting process by increasing efficiency, reducing risks, and ensuring compliance. Let’s cover some of the key functionalities of CLM software. 

  • Create templates to standardize content creation and include a library of clauses to include in contracts for legal compliance. This ensures your documents remain consistent and contain all relevant information speeding up the creation process. By creating automated workflows, you can generate contracts automatically using predefined rules. 
  • Collaborate on your documents and keep track throughout the negotiation process. Track changes and updates of your contracts as they go through numerous iterations. Multiple team members can work on the same document simultaneously for maximum efficiency. CLM software often integrates with messaging and commenting features to assist with the negotiation process. 
  • Create automated workflows and execution processes. By configuring approval workflows you can ensure your contracts are reviewed and signed within your deadlines without having to chase up stakeholders constantly. Ensure that you choose CLM software that supports e-signatures to speed up the signature process by enabling signatories to add their signatures with a click of a button. 
  • Ensure compliance and increase your risk management efforts. Detailed audit trails and logs are kept of all your contract-related activities to encourage accountability. You can ensure your documents remain compliant with regulatory requirements and identify any risks associated with your contacts. 
  • Central repositories allow for easy search and retrieval of documents. Your documents should be stored in a secure and centralized location using standardized naming conventions. Using the search capabilities you can easily find your contracts and locate specific legal clauses. 
  • Track your performance and create visual reports on metrics. You can track metrics to ensure you meet your important milestones and gain insights into any trends occurring within your contract space. 

If you’re thinking that the above sounds great but what is CLM in Salesforce? Keep reading to find out more about a fully integrated Salesforce tool you can use to handle all your document tracking needs. 

Benefits of Tracking Documents with Titan CLM

Titan is a Salesforce CLM tool that you can use to make your biggest deals in minutes. Offering CLM in Salesforce, you can track every single step of the contract life cycle process and never miss an important step again. We’ve listed a few benefits of implementing this fully integrated third-party tool below. 

Salesforce Digital Document Signing

Titan CLM functions as a Salesforce e-signature solution and supports two-factor authentication and complete end-to-end security for your documents. Not only does this speed up the signing process but also ensures you are collecting signatures from the right people. 

No-Code Contract Management Workflow

Titan offers a no-code CLM solution that you can use throughout the contract management process. The software has been used in a variety of sectors including healthcare, finance, legal, technology, and media. If your business uses contracts then you can benefit from implementing a CLM solution. You can create automated workflows that trigger when you make changes in your Salesforce environment, this means your team spends less time focusing on drawing up documents and more time closing deals. 

Streamlining the Contracting Process with Salesforce Electronic Signature

Collecting Salesforce signatures can often cause a bottleneck in the contract management lifecycle process, using Titan you can efficiently collect signatures and even set up reminders to ensure all signatories remain in the loop on the progress of the document. 

360 Degree Tracking Through CLM Salesforce

Using Titan CLM for Salesforce you can fully track your entire contract lifecycle directly from your Salesforce interface. Manage and analyze every aspect of your contract interactions without having to leave the Salesforce ecosystem. Offering real-time interaction tracking you are kept up to date on every interaction related to the contract including calls, emails, and meetings. 

Collaborate on Your Document in Real-Time

You can collaborate with multiple parties and work across departments on the same document in real time. This means you can cut deals in minutes instead of spending days and weeks in meeting rooms. Negotiations are made simple and can take place via Word using intuitive redlining and commenting tools. You can also add collaborators at any stage of the contract lifecycle so you never have to feel stuck again. 

Track Every Interaction in Salesforce with Titan

If you are looking for a no-code Salesforce platform to handle your CLM needs then Titan is a great option. This Salesforce contract lifecycle management software transforms the way businesses manage and analyze customer engagements. Titan features drag-and-drop software so you don’t need to know any code before you can get started. Aiming to improve the overall efficiency of your contract operations you can also provide personalized experiences to improve customer satisfaction. By combining the power of Salesforce with Titan’s capabilities you can drive better outcomes for your business and take your contracts to new levels.|


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