Management Systems & Document Generation for Salesforce

Efficiency and streamlining are at the forefront of every business, but being able to implement processes that achieve these goals is the main hurdle. Anyone can implement a management system and document generation process but whether or not these processes are saving you time and money is a different story. 

Using Salesforce software to generate documents and create management systems ensures consistency and is a great way to leverage your CRM data throughout your business processes. Here are some key things you should consider if you are looking to implement a Salesforce document management system or use a third-party tool for document generation for Salesforce. 

Management Systems

Management systems require defined user roles and permissions to control access levels based on team responsibilities. Implementing strong authentication methods will enhance security measures. When it comes to repetitive processes like onboarding and offboarding, developing streamlined processes will ensure consistency and assist with data security. Your onboarding training should include practices that users should follow to comply with regulations and industry standards. If required, you can also include audit trails to track user activity. Tracking user behaviour can help you easily identify any irregular behaviour that can occur with security breaches. 

Creating support systems for users to raise queries and issues through an automated system can alleviate pressure on your support team. Training programs can also assist with familiarizing users with your created support system so they can effectively use it. 

Your management system should seamlessly integrate with your other organizational tools, this prevents you from having to configure custom integration which can be costly if you need to pay a developer for their expertise. Integration with your current system ensures that your data remains consistent as you will work from one database no matter the process you are executing. 

Choosing a management tool that can scale and grow as your organization does ensures that you don’t need to change tools as your requirements change. 

Document Generation 

When it comes to document generation, creating well-designed templates that align with your organization’s branding can create a solid foundation. Your templates should allow for customization to meet user-specific or departmental needs. 

Implementing a document generation tool with your CRM software ensures you can leverage your data to pull accurate information into your documents. Automating document workflows can reduce manual efforts and increase efficiency. When configuring your workflows consider creating triggers for specific events to initiate the process without manual intervention. 

Version control is a valuable tool that can track document revisions and changes. Collaboration features facilitate team contributions and edits and are useful when it comes to the negotiation phase when drawing up contracts. 

Investing in a document management tool that offers an e-signature solution means you can add signatures to contacts to close deals without integrating another software tool. 

Prioritizing a user-friendly interface is key to ensuring user adoption and use of your document generation system. If you have team members who need to generate or access documents from mobile devices, ensure that your tool offers flexibility and convenience. 

Reporting and analytics features can assist with tracking your document generation metrics, system performance, and user engagement with the systems.

Document Generation in Salesforce

Salesforce Doc Gen is the process of creating your documents within the Salesforce platform. Offering powerful document generation capabilities, you can create a variety of documents using your existing data within the platform. Here are a few ways you can implement a document generation process in Salesforce: 

Salesforce Templates and Merge Objects – You can create templates for your standard and custom objects using Google Docs or Microsoft Word. By including merge fields in these templates, you can dynamically pull data from your Salesforce records. 

Third-Party Document Generation Apps – There are numerous options on offer on the Salesforce AppExchange that specialize in document generation. When researching the right option for you, make sure you consider your business needs and possible customization options. We’ve covered a great doc gen solution for you to consider below. 

Salesforce Lightning Components can be created to use for document generation. These components can include logic to interact with your CRM data and trigger the document generation process. 

Salesforce Document Generation Tools

When creating your document generation system, there are a variety of document generation tools for you to choose from. Each of these will have their specialized features and capabilities. Things to consider when choosing your tool are; ease of use, integration capabilities, and scalability. Make sure you always look at user reviews and also find out if your chosen tool offers a trial version so you can ensure you are happy before making a purchase. 

Titan Docs for Salesforce Document Management

Titan is an all-in-one codeless third-party document generation in the Salesforce tool. This powerful Salesforce CRM document generation software is designed to help you generate documents, build forms, request signatures, send surveys, streamline contract management, and build beautiful portals. The beauty of Titan is that you can implement any kind of project you want using no code. This is a breath of fresh air when it comes to generating documents in Salesforce.

Collaborative Sharing

Titan offers collaborative sharing features, which means you can add collaborators at any stage in the document lifecycle. 

Multiple Formats

This tool supports the popular PDF, HTML, DOCX, and PNG formats. So you can rest assured that your documents will be in the format you require. 

Flexible Storage for Documents

You can choose to store your documents in Salesforce or integrate with Google Drive, OneDrive, Box, Dropbox, and more third-party apps using Titan. 

Generate and Access Documents via Mobile Device

Teams can generate and access their documents on the go so they never need to wait until they are back at their desk to kick off the document process. 

Best Document Management System Software 

Choosing your document generation software can feel like a daunting task, but it doesn’t need to be. Make sure you choose a powerful automated document generation software that seamlessly integrates with Salesforce to generate your documents in minutes. Propel your business to success and ensure efficiency through streamlining by implementing effective document creation software.

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