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We recently saw the sneak-peak of Einstein for Developers in TrailheadX. It is currently available in beta version.

This a great extension for developers who use VS Code for their salesforce development as it generates the code automatically based on your requirement, just need to provide the prompt.

What is Einstein for Developers?

It implements code based on natural language instructions in an existing Apex class, trigger.

The introduction of a new command in the VS Code Command Palette, Einstein: Generate Code, enables you to input a prompt describing your desired build and subsequently generates Apex code within your editor.

We just need to describe what is the requirement and Einstein for Developers extension do the rest!

To generate using the command prompt, there must be an Apex class created as currently it doesnโ€™t support creating an Apex Class using prompts.

Benefits of Einstein for Developers:

1. Auto Completes the Code: It streamlines the coding experience, providing intelligent suggestions and automating the insertion of code snippets, ultimately making the development process more efficient.

2. Efficient solutions for saving time: We can save time while implementing the code from the beginning. With the extension, we can save time just by providing the prompt.

3. Developer-Friendly Content: It is user-friendly and enhances the overall development experience. The goal is to simplify the development with Einstein features, making it accessible to developers of varying skill levels.

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How to Configure Einstein for Developers?

Step 1:

  • Firstly enable the Einstein for Developers in your org.
  • Setup -> Search for Einstein for Developers
  • To enable Einstein for Developer, you should have a System Administrator profile.

Enable Salesforce Einstein for DeveloperStep 2:ย 

  • Create the project, and authenticate your org, which enabled Einstein for Developer in Step 1.
  • Install the extension i.e. Einstein for Developers in VS Code.

Vs Code Einstein for Developers

  • To make sure it is successfully installed, you will see the icons shown on the left sidebar.

Salesforce Einstein for Developer Icon

If you are facing issue while installing the extension, then you can check out:ย 

  • You should have VS code version 1.76 or above
  • Make sure you have authenticated the same org in which you have enabled Einstein For Developer on the org level.
  • Lastly, double-check if you have updated the Salesforce CLI version.

Step 3:

  • Click on the Einstein for Developer extension that you have recently installed. It is available on the left sidebar as shown in Step 2.
  • After clicking the extension, a space would be provided to write instructions or questions.

Salesforce Einstein for Developers Sidebar

  • For example, The instruction is given to write a trigger to return the total count of cases associated with the account.

Here is the output generated:

Salesforce Einstein for Developer prompt


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Usage of Command Palette to Generate Apex Code

It allows you to auto-complete your code.

  • Open the existing Apex Class or create the new Apex Class by running the command on the command palette as SFDX: Create Apex Class.
  • Run the command as Einstein: Generate Code on the command palette.

  • Enter the prompt whatever you want to modify/ require in the code snippet, For example, you can use it to create an Apex Class that returns the total count of cases associated with the account.
  • Review the code and select appropriate options as Accept, Try Again, or Clear.

Note – The extension is primarily built on the Salesforce Apex language. Initially, it won’t be able to provide a response based on Apex functionality.


1. What is LLM?

A large language model (LLM) employs deep learning methods and extensive datasets to comprehend, condense, generate, and forecast new content within artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms.

2. Can Einstein for Developers Create a Lightning Web Component?

Initially, Einstein for Developers cannot create an LWC component. It is only built to recognize Salesforce Apex Language.

3. How to ensure the code quality suggested by Einstein for Developers?

The Salesforce Code Analyzer extension, installed on VS Code, allows you to verify the quality of the code.


As the Einstein for Developers platform expands, it will include improved intelligent code completion and interactive guidance.

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