Unable to edit profiles in Salesforce

Edit button is not visible on profiles in Salesforce

While working with Salesforce, it’s common to face puzzling scenarios. One tricky issue that Salesforce Admins often face is when the edit button is not visible on profiles.

Before we delve into troubleshooting the issue, please ensure that you have set the “Manage Profiles and Permission Sets” checkbox to true for your profile.

Manage Profiles and Permission Sets

It can be accessed under the Administrative Permissions section on the Profile detailed page.

Now if the Enhanced Profile User Interface toggle is enabled under User Management Settings then the edit button will not be visible to the user on profiles.

Edit button is not visible on profiles

Under User Management Settings if the Enhanced Profile List Views toggle button is disabled then the user will not be able to see an option to clone a profile.

Edit button is not visible on profiles in Salesforce

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1. How do I edit a profile in Salesforce?

Users can edit a Salesforce profile by navigating to the particular profile from the setup menu and clicking on the edit button.

2. Can we edit standard profiles in Salesforce?

Yes, editing standard profiles in Salesforce is possible. However, it is recommended to avoid editing the standard Salesforce profiles.
Instead, clone the profile and make the necessary changes in the newly created one.

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The disappearing edit button on profiles in Salesforce can be annoying, but it’s usually fixable with some troubleshooting and checking user permissions. Stay persistent and use the above-shared method for solving these issues in Salesforce.

Keep learning and happy troubleshooting !!

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