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If you want to learn Salesforce Development, here is a question for you: Do you know Salesforce Admin? If your answer is Yes, then only this blog is for you; otherwise, you can continue learning Salesforce Admin first, after which this blog will guide you in Salesforce Development.

When I started learning Salesforce Development back in 2018, I too faced difficulties with Apex, Aura, and LWC, and here are the problems I faced back then:

  1. Tons of information available out there in the Salesforce Ecosystem; which one to follow is quite confusing.
  2. I’m a slow learner, and it took me a lot of time to understand the basic concepts.
  3. I didn’t plan my Salesforce development journey, which kept me off track and wasted a lot of time.
  4. I got stuck on errors that I had no idea about, so I needed to reach out to individuals and then wait for their reply, again wasting a lot of time.

I hope you also faced any of these problems Now, you might be surprised why I’m telling you all these things because It’s important to highlight common problems because problems bring solutions. And the same solution I’m going to provide you after some time. But before that, let’s talk about what is Salesforce Development?

What is Salesforce Development?

If I break these two terms Salesforce and Development and try to understand both this will give us more clarity about what exactly Salesforce Development is all about.

Salesforce is a cloud-based customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps companies manage their interactions and relationships with customers and potential customers.

typically refers to the process of creating or building software, applications, systems, or solutions to address specific needs or requirements

by concluding both the terms this means building custom solutions on the Salesforce Platform is called Salesforce Development

Now you might have a question about how to do Salesforce Development let’s discuss this in detail.

Things Required to Learn Salesforce Development

To learn Salesforce Development, you’ll need a combination of technical skills, knowledge of Salesforce platform features, and familiarity with development tools.

  1. Understanding of Salesforce Platform:

    Now if you remember at the very beginning of the article I asked you one question whether you know salesforce development or not. because learning Salesforce Admin will give you an idea about the Salesforce platform and you will be familiar with all the pre-requisite concepts before learning the Salesforce development for example – Data Modelling, Low Code Automation (Salesforce Flow), etc.

  2. Programming Skills:

    As with every other Development whether it’s Software, App, or Game we have two terms FrontEnd and Backend in the same way Salesforce also has a backend and Front end to build custom solutions.

    Salesforce Backend consists of three languages Apex, SOQL, SOSL
    Salesforce Frontend consists 3 Frameworks Visualforce Pages, Aura Components, Lightning web components (LWC)

    salesforce development backend vs frontend

  3. Salesforce Development Tools:Salesforce Developer Console::It’s like a toolbox on the web where you write, test, and fix code for Salesforce using Apex (for backend logic) and Visualforce, Aura Components (for custom user interfaces).Salesforce Extensions: for Visual Studio Code: An extension pack for Visual Studio Code, offering features like code completion, syntax highlighting, and debugging for Apex, Visualforce, and Lightning Web Components development.
NOTE - We can not build LIGTHNING WEB COMPONENTS from Developer Console.

How to learn Salesforce Development?

If you remember, at the beginning of the article, I added common problems during the learning phase of Salesforce Development.

So here I build one strategic plan that applies to every individual out there who wants to learn Salesforce Development. I along with my teammates spent around 4 months developing this special program that will help you learn all aspects of Salesforce Development it just doesn’t focus on the technical skills also on the overall soft skills as well, they will help you perform better in your interviews and regular day job, and now you have a Question HOW?

We are launching a SUPREME Batch to teach you the Complete Salesforce Development that will cover everything from APEX to LWC.

Why to join our Training Program?

The USP of our program is to make things simple for you even if you don’t have any development experience we are there for you and teach you in the best possible way, there is not a single person who is training you in this program but we have the Career Guidance Specialist, who will guide you how to prepare for the interviews in the current job market along with that we have a Mock Interview Specialist who will take your mock interviews so that He/She can guide you on your weak points and help you prepare for your real interviews.

  1. This is a 12 Week Training Program i.e. approximately 135+ Hours of Learning.
  2. Live Classes Weekends
    4:30 PM to 7:00 PM (IST)
    7:00 AM to 9:30 AM  (EST)
    12:00 PM to 2:30 PM (BST)
    8:30 PM to 11:00 PM (ACDT)
  3. Every Sunday Doubt Class after the main class until the doubts are resolved.
  4. Assignments will be provided that you must complete before the next week’s classes.
  5. Career Guidance and Mock Interview Specialists will be there along with the Trainer to guide you.
  6. A dedicated group for all the participants so that they can also discuss doubts with each other.
  7. The last week is completely dedicated to the projects so you have the answers to Explain your projects in the interview or you need hands-on experience
  8. Exclusive Resources/Projects will be shared with you to practice further after the program and you can also ask your doubts throughout the year in the dedicated groups.

Who can join this Salesforce Development Training Supreme Batch?

If you are a person who knows Salesforce Admin and is willing to learn Salesforce Development you can join this program, your role doesn’t stop you whether you are a Business Analyst, QA or you are from a non-tech background.

But we have some strict guidelines so make sure you have a complete checklist of the points mentioned below, if you are meeting any point in the left corner you can drop this program right away it’s not for you. We only need Serious Candidates as we want this batch with quality folks who want to change themselves into an amazing Salesforce Developer.

salesforce development training

How to join this Salesforce Development Training?

Our Salesforce Development Training program will be live from the 3rd of June 2024 so make sure you enroll before that here is the link to join the Supreme Batch

If you have any questions regarding the program please reach out to us using the below form

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Shubham is the Founder of Salesforce Geek. He is also a Salesforce Certified Consultant.

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