Types of Flow in Salesforce

Hi folks, in this post I’m going to discuss the different types of flows in Salesforce.

Before we start with the topic, if you are new to Salesforce and want to know more about Salesforce flows and flow builders you can check out my previous post Flow Builder in Salesforce (a reference to the previous post)

Salesforce mainly consists of two types of flows : Screen and Autolaunched flow.

Screen flow appears as a screen and displayed with the help of lightning page or utility bar while autolaunched flow are flows which are triggered automatically based on parameters and logics.

It is important to remember that the screen element is only available in screen flow and not in the autolaunched flows. Also screen flows don’t support Pause elements.

Pause Element : Pause element helps to pause the execution of the flow till the resume event is occured. An org can have up to 50,000 paused interviews only.

Flows that contain Pause elements must be autolaunched.

Autolaunched flow are flows which are triggered automatically based on parameters and logics.

Autolaunched flows are further categorized into following types:

i). Autolaunched flow with no trigger : This type of flow does not require any input from the user and can be launched automatically using Process Builder.

ii). Autolaunched flow with scheduled trigger : This type of flow executes at its scheduled time. User interactions are not supported in scheduled autolaunched flows.

The maximum number of scheduled flow interviews in every 24 hours is 250,000 or the number of user licenses in your organization multiplied by 200, whichever is larger.

iii). Autolaunched flow with record trigger :  This type of flow perform changes to the record present in the database. The record-triggered flow is triggered when a record is created or updated.

Flow elements supported by this type of flows are Decision, Loop, Get Records, and Assignment.

Note – simply changing the record owner in a flow does not cause record-triggered flows to be launched.

For more details about screen and autolaunch flows checkout the video

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