Salesforce Experience Cloud Spring'24 Release

Salesforce Spring’24 Experience Cloud Updates

We have by now learnt a lot about Salesforce Experience Cloud, its licenses and use cases.

Just like other Salesforce products even the Experience Cloud gets updated over the conventional Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring Releases.

Let us go through the points around the Salesforce Experience Cloud Spring’24 Release Updates:

The updates mentioned here are applicable for both LWR (Lightning Web Runtime) as well as Aura sites.

1) Additional features for better sites

For both Aura and LWR sites, we see the addition of a Change History Panel. It allows the site developers to see all kinds of changes which are published on the site in chronological order. To view the Change History Panel, go to Settings –> Change History.

Settings to be selected over the Experience site settings.

Salesforce experience cloud spring'24 release

Now with this release users can even boost up the traffic on their LWR sites with the help of a custom URL configuration feature. These custom SEO-friendly URL snippets are known as slugs.

The slugs replace the record IDs with human-friendly information in the URL. This improves the SEO as the info is in the layman’s format ensuring the site’s pages are optimally visible in all search engines.

2) Varied visibility of components over LWR sites

The expression-based component variation feature which was earlier in beta format is now available in general. With this feature, users can generate different versions of a single component and set the visibility of each component as per requirements.

3) Better UI over Aura sites:

Adding the new tab layout component over the component window can enable you to achieve a layout with improved spacing and smoother operation. The existing one is currently available, but it may be removed in the future.

Users as of now can use any one of the layouts implemented over the tab layout.

4) Enhanced productivity for developers:

This release even improved a developer’s functionality by adding features like dynamic URLs. It even provides the ability to test enhanced components over sandbox before publishing over the Aura sites.

The dynamic URL feature for LWR sites helps a lot in improving the SEO of sites.

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5) Security and Sharing:

New flows have been added to enhance the feature of Salesforce Customer Identity. Along with additions we even have drawing back of features. The SSO login for Salesforce to Twitter is being retired in the Spring ’24 release.

6) Enhanced site performance:

Experience delivery is a pilot feature launched in this release for all the LWR sites. This helps in hosting the sites in a much easier and more powerfully integrated way. The pilot feature even helps in boosting sites’ performance and scalability.

Experience Delivery feature works on the concept of Server-side rendering (SSR) Since the concept allows page rendering via a content delivery network and stores the page in a cache the pages load faster resulting in lower bounce rates.

The feature is still in Pilot mode which translates to the point that only a few customers have access to according to their license and purchases.

7) Mobile Publisher app:

This feature helps users add biometric security via the Lightning Web component and BiometricsService API. The LWC Component helps with the verification of biometric credentials to allow certain features over the site.

Salesforce experience cloud spring'24 release

8) Enhancements to Chatter:

Last but not least we have updates over Chatter which is an important element in Experience Cloud. As per the new update, the chatter group member counts are updated only after the group update is processed.

It won’t be updated if the group is in the process of being removed or added to the site.

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1)What are the release dates for the Salesforce Spring’24 release?

January 12, 2024 and February 2 as well as February 9, 2024, are the main release weekends. Users need to upgrade their production instances according to the dates to ensure smooth functionality of the new features.

2) What is Einstein Copilot?

Einstein Copilot is an AI assistant which works just like a chatbot. It is embedded across Salesforce Applications for better grievance addresses.

3) Does dynamic URL direct work only for sites hosted over Salesforce?

Dynamic URL redirects in LWR sites work for sites hosted on domains outside of Salesforce as well. It can be set over query parameters as well both on the source and the target.


From dynamic URLs to biometric verifications being added; Experience Cloud has pulled up a lot of features under their Spring’24 release.

While Experience Delivery is still a pilot feature users can now build more personalized sites with the help of the Expression-Based Component variation. This feature is generally available from this release.

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