How to verify your Salesforce Certification

How to verify your Salesforce Certification

In today’s competitive landscape, having a Salesforce certification can differentiate you, showing expertise and commitment. However, with the proliferation of online courses, verifying the legitimacy of your certification is crucial.

This blog will guide you through verifying your Salesforce certification step-by-step so you can confidently demonstrate your skills.

Why Verify Your Salesforce Certification?

Verifying your Salesforce certification comes with a bunch of perks:

  • Boosted Credibility: Having a verified certification shows off your skills and knowledge, making you look more legitimate to employers.
  • Easier Job Hunting: Adding a link to your verified certification on your resume or profile makes it quicker for recruiters to see you’re qualified.
  • Networking Opportunities: Sharing your verified certification on websites like LinkedIn helps you connect with others in the Salesforce world and share what you know.

Learn How to Verify Your Credentials using the Trailhead Verification Page:

Looking to showcase your Salesforce skills to potential employers? Check out the Trailhead Verification Page and display your well-earned certifications. Here is how it works:

  • Employers Can Verify You: Imagine a recruiter wanting to confirm your Salesforce expertise. They can simply head to the verification page and type in your full name or email address. Your certifications pop up, proving you’re the real deal.
  • Check Your Status: Want to see your certifications all in one place? Use the email address you used for your WebAssessor account (where you took the exam) on the verification page. You’ll get a detailed report showing if your certifications are valid and if anything needs to be updated down the line.

Let’s see how to verify someone’s Salesforce skills. Imagine you’re a recruiter checking out a candidate’s profile – you can test this out with your name, too! 

  • Head to the Verification Page: Pop over to the Trailhead Verification webpage.

Salesforce Certification


  • Verify a Salesforce Certified Professional: Provide the full name or email of the person to verify their certifications.

Salesforce Certification


Once you click on Search, all the results with the same name along with the location will be displayed on the screen.


Salesforce Certification


When we click on Name, the list of Certifications will be shown on the screen.

Salesforce Certification

The verification page is a win-win. Recruiters can easily confirm your skills, and you get to confidently showcase your expertise. It’s like having a digital portfolio for your Salesforce knowledge.

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Check Your Salesforce Status on Trailhead

Keeping your Salesforce certifications current is key. The Trailhead Verification Page makes it easy! Use “Check Your Status” to:

  • See all your certifications at once.
  • Identify any upcoming maintenance.

Just enter your WebAssessor email: Provide the email address that you used to create your WebAssessor account, where you took your Salesforce certification exam. You will get a detailed report within 48 hours.

Salesforce Certification

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1. How to check if I need to maintain my Salesforce Certification?

To maintain your Salesforce certification, follow these steps: 

Please log in to your Trailblazer account and review the maintenance requirements specified on your Trailblazer profile.

 Complete the necessary Trailhead modules, earn badges, and attend required webinars.


2. Is Salesforce Certification free?

No, Salesforce certifications are not free. The charges for Salesforce certifications vary from $75, $200 and $400.

3. Can someone else verify my certification using my name or email address?

Yes. The Trailhead verification page offers an option for potential employers or collaborators to verify your certifications by entering your full name or email address.


Don’t let your Salesforce certification go unnoticed! Verify your credentials on Trailhead and unlock a world of possibilities. By verifying, you’ll gain increased credibility with employers, a streamlined job search, and expanded networking opportunities within the Salesforce community.

Invest a small amount of time today and reap the rewards throughout your Salesforce career journey.

For more details, Check out the video below!!

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