Dreamforce ’23 Developer Keynote Highlights

Dreamforce 2023, the annual gathering of Salesforce enthusiasts, developers and innovators, kicked off with a bang with the highly anticipated Developer Keynote. This year’s Dreamforce ’23 keynotes were an enthusiastic introduction to cutting-edge technology, visionary insights and a vision for the future of the Salesforce platform.

Here are the highlights that left the audience buzzing with excitement:

1. Success Framework with AI

The AI Success Framework talked about three requirements to consider in designing your own applications.

a. Understand Human Impact: First, comprehend how it impacts people. Salesforce offers incredible documentation on the moral standards that AI must meet.

b. Composable Iteration: Secondly, as you are designing your applications, think about how they are going to adapt and evolve. To iterate and continue to grow and shift the capabilities of your application as this technology continues to change. Adapt as you understand, what people really want to do with AI. 

c. Treat AI as a User: While AI doesn’t resemble humans in any way, it does exhibit user-like behaviour. It must make decisions and consume information on behalf of people.

2. Generations API

With the New connector API, which allows us to communicate through Einstein Large language models. It begins by passing prompt input, changing the model’s parameters and generating its response. It can be done with a single line of code.

Currently, Generations API is available to a group of ISV’s and will be accessible to all in Springs ‘24.

Generation API

3. Flow Announcements

Flow has become a super amazing tool. Look at the numbers, huge numbers of Record Triggered, Invocable actions and Screen Flows are executed monthly.

Dreamforce Salesforce Flow Statistics

We have different flow types to select i.e. ScreenFlow, Schedule Triggered Flow and many more but this time we have a new Flow type i.e. Data Cloud – Triggered Flow. We need to let AI create a flow for us.

Now you must be wondering how it would be implemented. It uses a large language model to determine the right flow type and elements based on the requirements you provided in the instructions.

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Dreamforce Create New Flow

Another feature to automatically generate an external system that is required is by inserting the name Credentials, the method and the required details to call into action.

Data cloud-triggered flows, custom error messages and HTTP callouts will be available for developers in the Winter 24 release.

Dreamforce Flow Http Callout

4. New Updates in Salesforce Lightning

Around 1.4 billion users visit the Experience Cloud page monthly. To continue to enhance more in Lightning, salesforce comes up with Experience Delivery, Custom Property Editors and much more.

Dreamforce 23 Lightning Web Component Statistics

A new architecture called Experience Delivery will make service-side rendering possible. You may then set up your LWC sites. It will maximize stability and deliver a 30% improvement in load times.

Experience Delivery


Dreamforce ’23 has set the stage for an exciting year of innovation, collaboration, and transformation within the Salesforce ecosystem. As we delve deeper into these advancements and explore their real-world applications, it’s clear that the possibilities are limitless. Salesforce has again demonstrated its commitment to empowering developers and businesses to blaze new trails in the digital landscape.

Stay tuned for more updates, insights, and inspiration. What were your favourite highlights? Do let us know in the comments below.

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