What, Why and How Salesforce

What is Salesforce

Salesforce is an American cloud-based company which was established back in 1999 by former Oracle executive Marc Benioff, Parker Harris, Dave Moellenhoff, and Frank Dominguez as a company specializing in Software as a service (SaaS). Its major of revenue comes from CRM (link of Customer Relationship Management) service and is leading and fastest-growing cloud computing company.

Salesforce.com’s CRM service comprises several broad categories: Commerce Cloud, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Pardot, Marketing Cloud, Community Cloud, Analytics Cloud, App Cloud, and IoT with over 100,000 customers. Just icing the cake Salesforce announced on May 29, 2019, about launching a blockchain platform to facilitate building blockchain network and apps integrated with CRM.

Salesforce is used majorly by 70% companies of the world and therefore leaving no doubt , why it is the world’s #1 CRM company, it’s the 4th largest company in the world

Salesforce helps the small or large or even individual businesses to connect with their customers and also help them to sell their products and services smarter, faster and is more secure. Salesforce is a platform where you can build your own custom cloud application for your business.

Consider an example, we all must be having cell phone and must be subscribed to different subscriptions and data plans. Whenever you call the customer support they know each and every detail of yours like where you live, your address, your name, your data subscription which you are subscribed to by just only knowing your ID, you might even get some personalized emails or messages where you are informed about the upgradation of your current plan, next recharge date, expiration of the service and many offers with some additional bonuses. Have you ever wondered why and how this happens, how these companies knows each and every detail of ours and even sends personalized messages? The only reason behind this they use CRM and most probably Salesforce CRM because as mentioned above it is the world’s #1 CRM.
So now you must be getting some ideas What actually Salesforce is, let’s dive into why it’s used and how can to use

Why Salesforce?

Major questions that would strike in, when we talk about Salesforce

  • Why we needed Salesforce?
  • How is it different from other CRM?
  • How it differs from traditional CRM?

Consider you want to start a company or have a start-up and you want all your customers to have personalized experience so that you can know your customer better and they can connect with you. So for that, you need everything at one single place avoiding the mess of different excel files for leads, contacts, accounts, and you want to be very fast in responding to your customer and want at the same time to have a graphical view of all the information related to your business even the smallest one ,then, my friend, you need a CRM to know your customers and if you need the best here comes into role the Salesforce CRM

In this fast-growing world, everyone wants themselves to be on the top, with Salesforce CRM you can achieve that because it provides companies overall a better, fast, enhanced and more secure platform to their customers, it also helps companies to store their business-related data at one place that is on cloud without even worrying about its security and data loss and can access it anytime anywhere. So any company using salesforce doesn’t require any other software to manage their business

As you can see from the above scenario with traditional CRM you start from idea to infrastructure, installation of complex software, hardware, security, and other such more requirements and then after a year, you will be able to start functioning with your business.
With traditional you will have nothing but :

  • high cost of infra software hardware
  • Hosted on the company’s server
  • setup takes months or even years
  • usage and understanding will take another separate time and is difficult.

But with Salesforce CRM things are totally different:

  • low-cost maintenance
  • hosted on cloud
  • setup takes a few days or weeks
  • usage and understanding is easy

How Salesforce?

Trailhead is the one simple answer to this question. With trailhead, you can achieve wonders Its a place where you can gain knowledge of salesforce and at the same time, you can have some fun with badges, ranks, and points and most attractive is it is free of cost you need not pay even a single penny to learn.
All you need is a browser and an internet connection.

Watch this for how to create a trailhead Account

Modules: These are comprised of a wide range of ideas to implement on, to explore the topics and how things work on trailhead and salesforce. Each module has units and at the end of each unit you’ll either encounter the quiz or the Hands-on challenge. Quiz lets you check your understanding and Hands-on let you get your hands dirty with some implementations of what you’ve studied in the unit, simple huh!! sometimes it drives you crazy. But nothing to worry because trailhead is your buddy.
Whenever you face something wrong you can fix that too because it mentions where you are going wrong. After all the units in one module, Voila!! you get a shiny awesome badge added to your profile.

Badges: There are ample of modules in the trailhead each module is comprised of units, units can have quizzes to complete or some hands-on tasks to get your hands dirty with the implementation of how things work. When you complete each all units in a module you get one shiny badge to show off.

Ranks & Points: Now as you go on further with the badges you achieve ranks when you get the minimum number of points that are required to achieve any specific rank. Lowest of all rank is SCOUT with 0 badges and 0 points and highest up till now is RANGER with 100 badges and minimum 50,000 points, it’s amazing no! and believe me, it’s not so easy yet not so difficult you have to devote hours but never miss a chance to pat your back on achieving any rank because you’ve worked hard.

Projects:  Projects are step by step implementation of any task in salesforce. Like modules are comprised of units, Projects teach you how to complete a specific task. Your work is validated at the end of each step and on completing the last step you get a shiny badge.

Superbadges: They are the Heros of the trailhead because they are different from modules and projects. Projects and modules give step by step teaching whereas the super badges test you by giving a real-life complex scenario. Earning one is not so easy task you need the skills, knowledge, huge efforts and of course a lot of time, but believe me, they are worth . Completing a super badge shows your knowledge and gives you resume-worthy credentials as well

Trails: Trails are learning path. Trailhead has hundreds of badges that cover a wide variety of topics. Choices are great, but you probably want to find specific topics quickly and get started learning. What you need is a trail.
They explore around a particular topic and even shows you the description of what topics it covers and the number of points you’ll have at the end of the trail.

Trail mixes: Trailhead encourages you to blaze your own trail and invite others to follow. A trailmix is like a custom playlist. You craft your own sequence of badges, trails, and superbadges. Any Trailblazer can create a trailmix. In fact, the Trailblazer community has created many featured trailmixes. Check them out to see if any meet the needs of your users.

Now that you have enough knowledge of what why and how salesforce then start blazing the trails, fellas!!
Happy trailblazing, Happy Learning!!




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