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Salesforce trailblazer community

Hello, Folks As I came to see from various social handles people asking their doubts from people. I am not against it but as you know that everyone is so busy in their life somehow they might be not able to solve your doubt due to any reason.

So here I am with the trailblazer community from where you ask your doubts and resolve your Queries not only about doubt but you can do many amazing things out there.

You can interact with ample people who are very active in the community, you can participate in various collaboration groups, provide your ideas to Salesforce and most important you can find great connections from there.

So I create the playlist on youtube where I explain mostly everything on Trailblazer Community.

But the word “mostly” may be portrayed wrong here because more you explore there deeper will be the benefits of the Salesforce Trailblazer Community.

So Enjoy the tutorials, Keep Learning Keep Trailblazing and keep doing the right thing.

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