Salesforce Spring ’20 trailhead playground updates

salesforce spring 20 update

Hello, folks, did you hear about Salesforce trailhead playground spring 20 updates?.

From my point of view, these are very cool updates because these 2 works take a lot of time but now these can be done with just one click.

So let’s get started for which I am talking about, for that you need a brand new trailhead playground because the new update is available to the new playground.

So if you don’t know how to launch a playground check it out.

After launching your brand new trailhead playground you will see the brand new App which is Playground Starter.

It Includes 3 tabs:-

  1. Welcome
  2. Install a Package
  3. Get your Login Credentials


This is a welcome page that includes your name and with a video that consists of 4 Tips for How to attempt Hands-on challenges?

Install a Package:-

As earlier, you know how to install a package in Salesforce org it includes a lot of steps as you see in our previous article. But now you don’t need to perform all these steps because the update brings a lot of cool functionality.

install a package

Now you just need a  package ID starting with 04t to install the package. We don’t go deep for how to install a package to know about it check this out Install a Package.

Get your Login Credentials:-

If you ever reset the password of your trailhead playground then you know it takes a lot of steps to reset the password. But now you can simply reset the password of your playground with a click and that’s it.

get the login credentials

I personally like the updates that comes across in our trailhead playground and that’s why I am sharing it with you Salesforce always come with the best updates.

Here I am sharing the video regarding the playground updates check this out.

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