How to reset password of your Playground/Dev Org

Hello Trailblazers, let’s hit up with another basic stuff of trailhead.

Since you have landed on this post, I would say you have the zeal to learn more and grow more. So for you, people here are the steps that you need to follow up for changing the password of your trailhead playground or developer org just after you launch it.

But Wait, why on earth do I need to change my password just after launching the playground/dev org. The reason is as simple as that trailhead creates it’s own password whenever you hit for a new playground/dev org.

It is very important that you must acknowledge the credentials of your playground/dev org. Whenever you tend to install any managed or unmanaged package, you need the password to login to your playground/dev org where it is to be installed.

Note: It’s a one-time requirement unless you have forgotten the password.

So now Let’s begin.

Step 1: Login to your trailhead Account and click on the tab. A list appears, click on Create a Trailhead Playground. Creating it will take several minutes, after which you’re ready to click on the launch tab.

This will lead you to a new page.

Step 2: Now that you have landed on to a new interface, click on the gear-like icon on the upper right corner.
This will open up another interface, Home.
Here on the top left corner, in the search bar write User, which will lead you to the list of features where User is the key phrase.
Then click on the Users.

Step 3: Now this will open up a new interface, click on your username.
Here mine is as I am using developer org, but for the trailhead, you will have something like resourceful-fox, curious-fox, playful-badger, etc.

Then select your username by marking a check on the checkbox adjacent to your username and click on Reset Password.
A new password for the chosen user will be sent via email. The user will be required to enter a new password upon initial login to Click on the link sent to you via email which will land you to the following screen where you can set your password according to the least requirements.

After creating click on Change Password this will land you to your home page.

Voila! you have successfully changed your password. If you want to connect with me don’t forget to click here  Twitter & Subscribe our Channel SalesforceGeek

Keep Blazing the trails
Happy Learning!!!

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