How to make your Developer Console Colorful | Prettier Developer Console

Hello, Friends

I know that you also get tired of your old Developer Console, So I share with you How to make it colorful so that you Enjoy your coding Experience at a higher level.

Here I show you Step by Step Process to make your Developer Console Amazing:-

Step 1:

Launch Developer Console from your Dev Org/Trailhead Playground.

Step 2:

Go to Help and then Preferences.

Step 3:

Click on Edit theme and you will see a list of available themes over there.

Step 4:

Select any of your Favourite themes and Save it.

Step 5:

Boom!! You are having a different and Pawsome Interface Now.


Here is the video tutorial of the Above content so that you can grasp more and more Content and if you want to connect with me don’t forget to click here Connect with me and Subscribe our Channel SalesforceGeek

Happy Coding!

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