How to launch your Trailhead Playground/Developer org

Hello, Folks Welcome to another post of SalesforceGeek Hope you are doing good that’s what Trailblazer all about.

In this post, we are going to learn how to launch the trailhead playground or Developer org in 2 different ways.

From Trailhead Handson:

As we all know In Trailhead  Handson plays a major role in developing skill up so there is a Launching button just above the Handson Challenge.

You just have to select your org in which you want to perform the configuration related to the challenge and then simply click the Launch button.

As I selected my org and then click the launch button so my this org will be launched and then you can do your required configuration.

From Trailhead Profile Orgs:

Another way of launching your org is to click on your trailhead profile photo and then select the Hands-on Org.

Now All your Handson org will appear on the screen you have to simply click on the username to launch your required org.

That’s it for today now I give a simple tip to you for the quick launch of your Hands-on org.

Here is the link bookmark it on you. bookmark bar like the below Image.

Thank you, Happy Learning


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