How to create Custom Object in Salesforce Lightning?

Hello, Folks Welcome to the 1st Demo Episode of Admin Academy. In this demo, we are going to discuss how to create a Custom Object in Salesforce Lightning.

So, First of all, you have to launch your Org, If you don’t know how to launch it check this out (Launch your Org).

Steps for Creating Custom Object

After launching your Trailhead playground/Developer org you have to visit Setup then to Object Manager.

Here you will see the create button Click on it and select Custom Object it will redirect you to the below Interface.

After that, fill out the label name and then Plural name.

One more point to be noted there is a Checkbox (Start with a vowel sound). What does that mean? this question is quite obvious when you creating custom Object so here is the reason behind it.

This setting will vary in different languages.

In English, for example, we say "a car" or "an automobile." This is the meaning 
of "Starts with vowel sound". When the language is set to English, 
asks you about the vowel set so that some phrases in the system will make sense.

In Spanish, words are masculine or feminine, so will ask you for 
the gender of the word. For example, you would say "la Silla" (the chair; feminine)
 or "el Libro" (the book; masculine). When the language is set to Spanish, there 
will not be an option for "starts with vowel sound", as will instead
ask you for the gender of the word.

-Credit -sfdcBoy

Now here comes the Optional feature they simply mean that if you don’t select them then the object you are working on not available for the Reports, Activities, Tracking Field History and Chatter groups.

If you want to use the object in the Above features you have to select them.

Object Classification is stated in the below image. Now the turn is about Object creation Option they are the temporary option you can enable them later too as Notes and attachments will simply drag and drop to the page layout and Tabs will be created from Quick find.

But if you don’t want to create them separate just put a tick over the checkbox. After that, you have to select the Tab Choose according to your Preference.

Hurray, now the most awaited Button “Save” play the role and create you a brand new Object Play with it and learn more new things.

Here is the video tutorial of the Above content so that you can grasp more and more Content. If you want to connect with me don’t forget to click here Connect with me and Subscribe our Channel SalesforceGeek

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