How to create a custom object in Salesforce Lightning by Spreadsheet | CSV file

Hello, Folks Welcome to the 2nd post of learning Salesforce with Admin Academy.

In the previous post, we learn about How to Create a Custom Object in Salesforce Lightning. In this post, we are going to create Salesforce Custom Object but with another term Salesforce Custom object by Spreadsheet or CSV File.

Yes, this is another way of creating Salesforce Object So let’s go with the Amazing point and Click tool (Super Admin).

First of all, If you are in the Trailhead Account you have to launch your Salesforce Instance which is Org (Instance is the same as Org just different naming Don’t get Confused).

If you don’t know how to launch your Salesforce Developer Org I already posted a Post for it check it out Launch your Salesforce Org.

After launching your org

  1. Click on Object Manager 


2. Click on Create Object by Spreadsheet 



3. Login into Salesforce Object Creator  



4. Now Upload your respective files 

Select your favorite option depending on your data where you store it currently, there are three Options by (.xlsx, .CSV), Google Sheet, Office 365 or Drive.

In this demo, I uploaded a .csv file here so in the next step you will see mapping on .csv file.

5. Now you have to Map fields and Click Next

Although Salesforce will map you all fields in the case if any of the fields are missing then you have to map yourself.

Warnings in Yellow bulb indicating, If any of the fields is remain without mapping.

Here you will see that all the fields are automatically mapped by Salesforce Object Creator 


6. Give Name to your Object, Set the properties and click on Finish  



Here is the video tutorial of the Above content so that you can grasp more and more knowledge and if you want to connect with me don’t forget to click here Connect with me and Subscribe our Channel SalesforceGeek

Thank you, Happy Learning.

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