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Hello Folks,

Here is the road map of Learning Salesforce from Basic. If you don’t know how to get started your journey this road map will help you.

So we start from very Basic by learning What salesforce Actually is?

Here is the Answer to your Question So I hope you all are aware of the term Database because this will help you to understand. If the term Database is Familiar to you So probably you must know about the Table, Row, Column, etc.

I will attach a picture that simply makes you more clear about what Table, Row, Column, etc related to Salesforce.

After this image, I simply called Salesforce is a Fancy Database.

Salesforce Having various Career paths Check it out We cover all the roles in a very dedicated manner Start with Admin to Developer and much more.

You will find a video tutorial at the end of every post and If not that means that topic doesn’t need a one haha!!

#Level: Beginner (Admin)

  1. Create a Salesforce Developer Account and connect it with Trailhead account
  2. Create a Salesforce Custom object in Salesforce Lightning
  3. Create a Salesforce Custom object by Spreadsheet | CSV
  4. Example: Create Various Fields in Salesforce Object
  5. Install Packages in your Trailhead Account